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The other day someone asked me a simple question that changed all my summer plans, and the question was “have you stopped to see how far you have come?”
As I was listing off all my thoughts and ideas of what was next for me in my business, I got a lovely reminder to slow down and simply rest in the abundance of living and experiencing what was once a dream.
Just over a year ago, I made the decision to shut down a business that seemed like it was thriving to the outside world. But on the inside, it was making me feel anxious and keeping me stuck. I realised I fell out of love with it and had to find a way to let it go.
I consciously started another business that would serve and support me on this next phase of my life and career. A process that has been anything but easy, and to be honest hasn’t always quite gone to plan - and even so something beautiful has emerged from it.
I get so much joy from supporting my clients, having more ease and flexibility in my days by creating something that can evolve and grow with me.
This is something that shouldn’t be glossed over - it should be celebrated!
This really got me thinking about why I am so quick to simply move onto the next phase without taking time to enjoy the fruits of my labour? 
As I was moving onto my new plans, my next reiteration of my services,  I was so grateful to have someone reflect on how far I have come. To hold a mirror and say do you see yourself, and what you have achieved?
To show me that what I am experiencing right here, right now, is something that I once deeply desired and worked really intentionally to get to. 
Which made me wonder why am I rushing to the next phase? 
Can I hold space for myself and recognise when I am in the season of simply enjoying what is, before moving onto what’s next?
I’m not sure if you have ever heard of the saying you can’t always be blooming, but when you actually are in full bloom can you allow yourself to burst and celebrate all that is good?
This is something that I really struggle with. 
I love the building, planting, tending and letting go phases of business -
but actually blooming and allowing myself to rest here for a bit. Well, that's the part I really struggle with! Being full bloom.
But I don’t want to skip this season of business. 
I want to soak up this phase of reaching a milestone that I set for myself so many months ago (even if I haven’t achieved all my financial goals and expectations yet).
Because if I look really closely, I can see so much abundance all around me.
Which leads me to my question for you - Do you take time to notice when you reached your goals, dreams or desires?
Do you take time to celebrate where you are before moving onto what’s next?
And so, my summer plans have changed.
I am going to do my best to soak up this season of business. To connect with people, to unapologetically sell my services and enjoy this busy season. While also finding space in between, to rest (preferably under a tree, in a soft patch of grass, making daisy chains or cloud watching - for as long as the good weather lasts)!
Sending all my love,
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P.S. Here are two ways we can work together over the rest of the summer…
CO-CREATION DAYS -  a day dedicated to organising the ideas and thoughts floating around in your mind, and create a clear plan of action. 
A day dedicated to execution and bringing your project to life! What if you had someone who could recognize your magic, harness your creative energy and amplify it to create a tangible result in just one day!
During your Co-Creation day I will help you move from procrastination into intentional action, and be a sounding board where all your wild ideas can get filtered into a cohesive plan. So you can understand what is most important and which tasks we need to tackle first.
RESET DAYS - A day dedicated to clearing out old tasks that have been on your to do list for far too long, and simply getting sh*t done. Simplify your processes and tidy up your systems. 
If you have a bunch of important tasks on your ever increasing to do list, that keep getting put on the back burner, a reset day is just what you need!
Instead of using your precious hours trying to learn new tech, or attempting to piece together templates (that look DIY'ed) let me work my magic and get you back on track!
By the end of your VIP day, you’ll feel grounded, knowing that you have tended to your business foundations - and the best part is it will feel effortless!
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