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You're stylish, you're classy and you need a sleek t-shirt to complement your next martini. Guess what? We’re officially dropping our truck art t-shirt collection….on July 4!  
LOVI worked with type designer Kosala Senevirathne to celebrate the stunning sceneries of Sri Lanka using the traditional truck art aesthetic. Inside each LOVI crown, you’ll find iconic locations like Minneriya, Nuwara Eliya, Sri Pada, Galle Fort and Mirissa. Wearing this t-shirt, you’ll be showing off a piece of Sri Lankan beauty wherever you go. 
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South Asian truck art is a unique tradition of storytelling, illustrating the driver’s roots and travels. The art originated in Pakistan during the 1940s and 1950s, when truck drivers started to decorate their trucks with colourful paintings of nature, people and religious themes. As trucks became the dominant means for goods transportation, it became more and more important to beautify the vehicle. These extravagant designs eventually became a symbol of prosperity, with the belief that more vivid decorations would attract greater profits. To that end, Pakistani drivers can invest up to $2500 to adorn their trucks.
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An example of Sri Lankan truck art.
Because of the high demand for it, truck art is a flourishing business, and is also now used in different contexts. Truck art now decorates cars, tuk tuks and is found in print media. It has also recently been used in a UNESCO project to promote education for girls in the northernmost province of Pakistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. There, you’ll find empowering messages like “Education is power!” on trucks and bridges along the Karakorum Highway.
Traditional hand-painted truck art is gradually being replaced by modern technology which has simplified the design creation. Kosala acknowledges this shift, reporting that newer technology like digital typography and laser art stickers is replacing traditional methods. But rest assured, the use of technology doesn't mean that traditional art forms like these will fade away.
For LOVI, providing a contemporary context for traditional art and craft like this is central to our mission. With LOVI’s own interpretation of truck art in fashion, we hope to breathe new life into typical Sri Lankan truck art style. 
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Our LOVI truck art t-shirts will officially drop on July 4. To snag a t-shirt, message us on Whatsapp or slide into our DMs on Instagram or Facebook. You can also swing by our stores at Lakpahana and One Galle Face Mall. Would love to see you there.

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