I would like to introduce a new term that I promise you will use and wonder how you ever lived without it. All of life’s questions belong in your toaster. What? Yes. You heard me, they belong in your “gut toaster”. The “gut toaster” can offer answers to the big life altering questions and also something as small as what do you feel like wearing. Just pop it in the toaster. My dear friend and mentor, Brandi Cash Pehrson introduced this concept to me and I use it daily. If a friend asks me a question and I offer "gut toaster", even if they have never heard the words “gut toaster”, first they smile and chuckle, and then they get it. No need to explain! Just pop it in the toaster and walk away. You know when you are in a hurry in the morning? You put in your bread and keep checking to see if it’s done? No need to keep checking, doing this only slows down the process. When you have an answer, it will just pop up. I offer the "gut toaster" to my family and friends for big and small decisions. The "gut toaster" is a meaningful way to practice using and understanding intuition, in a cozy and approachable way. Next time life offers you a question, just pop it in your "gut toaster"!
Stay Wyld,