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Links on creativity and culture
  1. The 4 Four Day Week have released a mini manifesto and it's worth a read. 
  2. We start every team meeting a little differently (and how you can too).
  3. Creativity is not about making art.
  4. Hope is a creative act.
  5. Take the title, write with me and show me what you got.
  6. Here's the secret: we all have creative confidence.
🎲 Feeling lucky? Go somewhere unknown.
Meet our newest team member
Fun Palaces supports local people to create their own cultural and community events, across the UK and worldwide, sharing and celebrating the genius in everyone. The ongoing campaign aims to shift power so that communities can create, shape and share the culture that matters to them. A starting place for doing this, for many, is by making a Fun Palace.
Since 2014 there have been more than 2500 Fun Palaces, made by more than 40,000 people (we call them Makers) for 800,000+ visitors.
You don't need to know all the details just yet - we always say sign up and work out the details later. The Fun Palaces team are here to help with this too - Simply email us at
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