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Today, I want to dive into a topic I was discussing with a friend the other day all about the toxins lurking in certain fragrances and their potential impact on our lymphatic system.
You know the fragrances I’m talking about, right? I’m referring to a lot of the store-bought sprays and plug-in’s that you may think are a great idea to freshen up your home, but really, they wreak havoc on our bodies.
These scented products often contain phthalates. These sneaky synthetic chemicals are added to fragrances to make them last longer and pack a stronger punch. 
Now here's the alarming part: phthalates have been associated with adverse health effects, including disruption of our endocrine system and interference with hormone regulation. The lymphatic system and the endocrine system are closely connected and as the lymphatic system transports hormones throughout our body, exposure to toxins like phthalates can compromise its ability to function optimally.
So what might this look like? Think of the lymphatic system as a bustling highway, allowing toxins to circulate through our body fluids. These insidious toxins can potentially make their way to our lymph nodes, where immune cells reside and tirelessly defend our bodies. When toxins accumulate in our lymph nodes, it can hamper the system's ability to combat infections and maintain overall immune function. YIKES!
After sharing this news with my friend she felt armed with information and ready to make more informed decisions to protect her wellbeing. I encourage you this summer, to reduce your exposure to harmful toxins, and to support the optimal functioning of your lymphatic system. If you have any questions or if you'd like to delve deeper into this topic, grab a telehealth appointment with our office. 

In the meantime, my book Lymph-Link: Solving the Mysteries of Inflammation, Toxicity, and Breast Health Issues is an excellent summer read to help you find out how you can help detox your body, reverse symptoms caused by lymphatic obstruction, and rid yourself and your immune system of this unwanted burden of toxicity. Grab your copy here!
Yours in health,
Dr. Loretta