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June 23 - June 30
Rally of support outside Temple Beth Israel in Macon, Ga. Saturday June 24th. 
Photo Credits Jason Vorhees/ The Telegraph
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Antisemitic demonstrations in Georgia
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The Goyim Defense League (GDL), an antisemitic hate group, dropped flyers in residents' driveways in multiple cities in Georgia last weekend before holding hateful demonstrations in front of two synagogues.
After distributing hundreds of antisemitic flyers in Warner Robins, Ga. Friday, about a dozen GDL members gathered to demonstrate outside a synagogue in Macon, Ga. The demonstration took place a couple of hours before worshippers were to arrive for Shabbat services. The protestors waved Nazi swastika flags and yelled antisemitic, homophobic, and racist rhetoric at people passing by outside the synagogue. The following night, the GDL committed similar actions outside the Chabad in East Cobb, Ga.
In response to the GDL’s actions, hundreds of Macon community members rallied in support of the targeted synagogue Saturday, sending a clear message that hate and antisemitism will not be tolerated in their state. A large group of people also came together to counterprotest the GDL members outside of the Cobb County Chabad.
State leaders also expressed their outrage at the hateful displays.

Jewish community
Swastika flags
East Cobb

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  • “Concentration camps” - Related to multiple conversations including historical mentions of the Nazi atrocities, and a trending tweet that compares members of the LGBTQ+ community that do not support transgender rights to a group of Jews that stayed loyal to Adolf Hitler during the Holocaust.
  • “East Cobb,” “Swastika flags,” “Jewish Community” - See above.
  • “Lizard or alien” - See below.
  • “#Kennedy24” - Related to an interview Robert F. Kennedy Jr. gave where he stated that corporate media lied about him being anti-vaccine and comparing Covid mandates to the Holocaust.
  • “#wtpblue,” “#onev1” - Related to numerous conversations by members of We the People, a grassroots organization dedicated to electing Democrats. The hashtag is used to highlight the growing problem of antisemitism and to encourage people to vote for Democratic candidates.
  • “#Palestine,” “#Israel,” “State of Israel,” “Israeli apartheid,” “human rights,” “Israeli occupation forces,” “#bds,” “#FreePalestine” - Related to discussion of Israel-Palestine.
  • “#BoycottPuma” - Related to a campaign to boycott the sports clothing company Puma over their sponsor of the Israeli National Team in soccer.
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Roseanne Barr
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Actor and comedian Roseanne Barr received backlash this week for denying the Holocaust on Theo Von’s “This Past Weekend” podcast.
While some people argued Barr was being sarcastic, many others condemned her for using her platform to perpetuate lies and took the opportunity to share true facts about the Holocaust. 

Only 53% of American adults know that six million Jews were killed in the Holocaust, while 20% stated they were not sure, according to American Jewish Committee’s The State of Antisemitism in America report.

Holocaust denial
Sarcasm and Satire 
Theo Von

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Lizard People 
A viral Tumblr post is trending for explaining why it is antisemitic to call Mark Zuckerberg, who is Jewish, a “lizard or alien.” Zuckerberg was a topic of conversation in light of the news that he and Elon Musk were planning a “cage fight.” The antisemitic conspiracy claims that Jews are lizard people planning world domination. Conspiracy theorist David Icke, who has recently been the main driver of the theory, asserts that “Zionist lizards” are enslaving the human race and taking over the world. Many of the people mentioned in his conspiracy include heads of financial and governmental institutions. 
Khazarian Mafia 
The Khazarian Mafia is currently trending because of the recent developments in the Russia-Ukraine war, where antisemites are claiming that Russia is justified in its invasions because it will get rid of the “Khazar Jews” living in Ukraine. This antisemitic conspiracy theory claims Ashkenazi Jews are descendants of Khazars, a semi-nomadic group that moved to Eastern Europe, and have no historical claim to Israel. Additionally, antisemitic conspiracy theories originating in the 8th century claimed the Khazars were secretly planning to build a mafia empire for worldwide financial domination. 
ADL “Online and Harassment Online: The American Experience 2023”
The Anti-Defamation League published its annual report on online hate and harassment in the United States on Tuesday. The report highlights how adults and teens within different demographics experience hate online. Some of the major findings include:
  • One-quarter of Jewish respondents have avoided identifying themselves as Jewish on social media, an increase from 17% in 2022.
  • 80% of Jewish respondents were worried about being harassed online because of their religion, compared to 41% of non-Jews.
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