Creating comfort for yourself is the best practice for quieting your mind.
Finding comfort in your body may seem like a foreign concept. If you’re like me, you grew up with the idea that of being at war with your body. You either wanted another shape, another weight, bigger boobs, tighter butts, washboard abs. 
The list goes on.
For me it was my knees. I didn’t notice it until a ballet teacher in college told me that because of my knees I would never be a ballerina.
I was a 21 year old college student who had never taken a ballet class.
I was just having fun.
After that experience, I stopped wearing shorts and short skirts for many years. I would not look down at my knees and would avoid them in the mirror.
The judgment we place on our bodies and other’s bodies has taken us out of our bodies. It has caused us to view our bodies as objects.
Most of the time we only notice our bodies when there is pain.
Your body encases your feelings and emotions. It is a sensory organ of aliveness.
Take the time enjoy your moment to moment experience through the practice of The Unwinding Compass and you will create an imprint of joy in your body and mind that becomes the love you share with others.
The Unwinding Compass is just one of the tools I use to help you quiet your mind and find the joy that is already present.
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It's the quickest way to find more joy, ease, and confidence in your body and your daily life.
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jill bryan
creative oasis coaching
This morning - I was spinning and feeling very ungrounded…So 
I stopped and meditated using the [unwinding] compass. That was 
the first step to coming into 
my body and getting grounded.