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Hello Sweet Friend, 
July is an exciting month for us at the Ferrell household because it's when we schedule our 4th annual Cousin Camp or, as we call it: "Camp Nana Papa." It's a week of fun-filled activities, bible lessons, food, and just time to enjoy our grandkids. We so look forward to this time every year. I will share some pictures on my Instagram stories next week and in our Facebook group, so please join us if you can. I'll also share about our week together in the July Tea Time Newsletter. Here's a link to the podcast episode my hubby and I did together on it.
July also brings the Open Hearts in a Closed World Conference. This year's theme is Growing in Godliness in a godless Generation (2 Peter 3:18), and below are some images of the speakers along with the schedule for the week. The Conference is free and online, so catch it live if you can, but it is up to watch if you can't join in live to watch it. 
Here are the quick details: 
Theme: Growing in Godliness in a godless Generation (2 Peter 3:18)
When: July 10th-13th, 2023
Time: 8:30 AM - 11:00 AM CST
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My session this year at the Conference is on The Means of Grace to Grow in Godliness, and we'll cover the importance of Bible Reading, Prayer, and Fellowship as ways the Holy Spirit conforms us more and more into the image of Jesus. In each area, we'll walk through their importance in our walk with the Lord, their benefits in our lives as believers, and then through some encouragements to practically implement them in our daily walk with the Lord.
My hope in my session is to bring us back to the basics and spur us on to be reminded that we can trust these ordinary means of grace—these disciplines that God has provided us with—as a way we grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. 
John MacArthur stated on the means of grace of the Word, prayer, and fellowship that they are:
"instruments through which God's Spirit graciously grows believers in Christlikeness and fortifies them in the faith and conforms them into the image of the Son." 
I so look forward to this Conference each year. There is so much solid teaching, and I hope you can participate. 
Please keep reading, I have some helpful recommendations and don't miss the giveaway from our sponsor this month too!
Much love,


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I'm re-listening to Atomic Habits and it is a good book but Heart & Habits by Greg Gifford is still my favorite in the area of developing habits in our lives as believers. 
We're working through Hebrews in church on Sunday mornings and Romans 8 in Sunday School so those are two areas I've been digging in a bit deeper in my study time. Precept Austin is one of my favorite study sites along with Blue Letter Bible.  
I'm still reading The Holiness of God by R.C. Sproul, and it is our summer book club read in our Patreon group. We have our Zoom Book Club meeting on it in August. 
You can see all my favorite reads at my Amazon Shop, along with my book selections for 2023. 

To Make:
No Bake Energy Bites have become a staple in our home. There is always a container in the fridge. My grandkiddos really enjoy them! 
To Listen:
Head Coverings, Women Teachers and Patriarchy with Owen Strachan @For The Gospel (In this episode, Costi Hinn interviews Owen Strachan and asks him hard questions about difficult passages on head coverings, women teaching in the church, manhood, and patriarchy. These are not salvation issues, but they can be confusing issues that impact the local church and our unity. With biblical balance and pastoral temperance, Strachan and Hinn weave a pattern of clarity through these issues and more. 
To Watch (it's a funny one 😂 - watch it all the way to the end)
A Few Good Reads: 
@Westminster Kids
“This principle of connecting God to all of life is the source of the gratitude we all need to cultivate. And it is vital that every generation—including the next generation—come to see the connection between the Creator and his creation.”
@G3 Ministries
“Though the show carries itself as a documentary meant to shed light on the inner workings of the Duggar family, made famous by the reality TV show 19 Kids and Counting, it is much more than its simple subtitle would suggest. By the end, it comes across more as a carefully constructed hit piece, meant to throw dirt on both Christian and conservative practices alike.”
“The thing about legalism is that it’s far easier and far more satisfying to spot in someone else’s life than in your own. We are masterful at identifying it and calling it out in other people, but not nearly so good at doing so in our own lives.”
@The Good Book Co.
“There is no chapter of the Bible that tackles this specific question: what happens to little ones when they die? Consequently we readily acknowledge that some biblically faithful Christians will draw different conclusions to those we share below. We believe that Jesus keeps little ones safe with him when they die. But our ultimate rest is not in our own reasoning or our own answers; it’s in our knowledge that God is always good, and that he will do what is right.”

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