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Dear friend,
Initially, we had planned to send out our regularly scheduled newsletter, sharing updates and stories of the positive impact made by our volunteers in our partner communities. However, we find ourselves in a critical moment in Israel’s history, and it is of utmost importance to address recent events that deeply concern us and have significant implications for our work at Yahel and the communities we serve. 
On Tuesday, the Reasonableness Clause was cancelled in the Knesset, a development that has generated considerable attention and debate across the political spectrum. We share the concerns expressed by many about its potential consequences for our nation’s future. Additionally, we feel deeply concerned about the growing rifts and polarization in Israeli society.
Over the last 13 years, Yahel has operated as an organization that transcends political divisions, valuing the unity of people across Israel, from our dedicated volunteers to our cherished partners. Our commitment to diversity, bridge-building, and our unwavering mission of driving positive social change has been the foundation of our work. 
In light of recent events, we feel it is crucial to open up a constructive conversation while maintaining unwavering support for our partners, who often serve the most marginalized in society. The implications of this decision are worrisome, and it is vital that we come together to address the challenges that lie ahead.
As we move forward, we believe that the work we are doing is more important than ever before. Our commitment to the communities we serve and our core values remains resolute.  We will keep you updated on our projects, initiatives, and the progress we achieve together. Your continued support is invaluable and provides us with the strength to face any obstacles that may come our way. 
The rest of this newsletter consists of updates about our ongoing work. We hope you find it enjoyable to read. If you have any questions or wish to engage in discussions about how recent events might impact our programs, we encourage you to reach out to us. Thank you for being an integral part of the Yahel Israel community and for your commitment to making the world a better place.
With gratitude and hope, 
Dana Talmi
Executive Director of Yahel Israel

Introducing our Summer Participants
As we eagerly turn the page to the next chapter, we warmly welcome our 2023 summer programs! We are thrilled to host our yearly summer and academic programs with Onward Israel, Berkeley Global Internship with Berkeley Institute for Jewish Law and Israel Studies, and the Rutgers University School of Social Work. Each of these programs brings together bright and passionate minds from across the world to gain hands-on experience in grassroots initiatives while exploring some of Israel’s toughest social challenges and traveling around the country to meet with marginalized communities and passionate social changemakers. 
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An evening listening to the story of Ethiopian immigration to Israel through first-hand testimony – all led by our team member, Rebecca, with our Onward Israel participants.
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A tour of the Ramat Eliyahu senior center with our Rutgers University Master's of Social Work students.
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Hebrew lessons with our Berkeley Global Internship students.
Oh, the Places you'll go!
Meet 2022-2023 Fellowship ALUM
Talia Herzberg
Meet Talia, a Yahel fellow who spent nine months in Lod, where she volunteered with many grassroots initiatives, including the Lod agricultural school. The school serves as a vibrant hub, teaching children about agriculture, life cycles, and food. Talia's days were filled with diverse activities, from planting seeds and cultivating herbs to harvesting honey alongside the students. What makes this school truly special is its ability to bring Jewish and Arab children together, fostering unity and positivity.
Inspired by her time in Lod, Talia has decided to further pursue her passion for agriculture. She recently began volunteering at an ecological organic farm in Hadera, Israel, where seasonal foods are grown for a local restaurant in Tel Aviv. The farm practices sustainable methods, prioritizing working with the land and reintroducing native species.
Curious to hear more about Talia's journey and her impactful work? Watch the video below, where she shares her work in Lod and discusses her current endeavors in Hadera.
From Israel to Boston
In June, Dana traveled to the US to engage in fundraising efforts and strengthen our relationships with the Jewish Diaspora. During this trip, one of the standout moments was the opportunity to invite some of our Boston-local alum to join us and share about their Yahel experience. They spoke at a salon event organized by our partners at, Combined Jewish Philanthropies (CJP). CJP has played an invaluable role in helping us expand and establish a presence in Haifa over the years.
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