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It's the end of July, which means that we're getting ready to pop our out of office on for the summer.

You may remember that, last year, we took August off as a company.
Well, we've decided to make it an annual thing.
As a team, we sat around a table together and discussed what rest means to us, and discovered that it looks wildly different to everyone. It turns out there are plenty of different ways to rest and not one solution fits everyone.
Rest can be a radical act. It goes against everything capitalism stands for.

We know not everyone can take a whole month off together, but for some organisations, the opportunity is just waiting to be taken. 

If you want to know how it all started, one of team members simply forwarded a thought piece penned by Brené Brown to our founder with a cheeky “…I'm just leaving this here."
If you don't ask, you don't get.

Why not forward this email to someone with the power to help you change the way your organisation works (and rests)? You never know, they might be calling out for some space to pause too.
Dare to be idle.
  1. Longing to be liberated from the grip of Grind Culture? Check out Rest is Resistance.
  2. The seven types of rest we all need.
  3. Is “laziness” the key to creativity? The Lazy Report makes a great case for it.
  4. Rest is a form of protest. (22:33)
  5. Waste your time on doing nothing at all.
  6. A tiny to-do list for the entire summer. 
  7. Machines are designed to run constantly; people aren’t.
  8. I thought about how much control I have over my time, and how much my time has over me.
  9. True creative rest is about taking an intentional break from synthesizing, producing, or solving of any kind.
  10. When you feel the need to speed up, slow down.
  11. Want to be more creative, increase your self-awareness and overall life fulfillment. Try simply daydreaming.
Take a moment to daydream ✨
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We have good news…
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We are so pleased to have received funding from Arts Council England to support the delivery of The January Challenge and a year-round public programme over the next couple of years. It is so exciting to head into August knowing that the Autumn will be full of fun conversations. Thank you to the Arts Council, and to our amazing collaborators and partners - we're going on an adventure! 🎉
Artists and photographers are encouraged to respond to a fortnightly challenge that uncovers the secret life of the high streets in England, posting their own photographs on Instagram using #PicturingHighStreets. From celebrating local high street heroes that make our places so special, capturing meeting places, to recording the hidden heritage of our high streets, the most evocative photographs will be featured on the Picturing High Streets Instagram channel.
A selection of photographs will also enter the Historic England Archive, the nation’s archive for England’s historic buildings, archaeology and social history. 
Below are the current/upcoming call out themes
Old and New: 5 - 19 July
Markets:  16 July - 2 August
High Street Pubs: 2 - 16 Aug
High Streets on Sea: 16-30 Aug
Family Album: 30 Aug - 13 Sept
High Street Style: 13-27 Sept
Until September…Zzz.
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The team at 64 Million Artists
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