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There comes a time in every book where I feel like I've “coming soon" and “can't wait to share more details” the whole thing to death and everyone who hasn't fallen into a long winter's slumber has certainly grown weary from the wait. Like, is it soon yet? Will those details ever materialize? Is there even a book?
The answer, today, to all of those questions, is a beautiful, blessed, bananapants yes.
Shucked is a quirky small town sundae of older brother's best friend, grumpy x sunshine, with an extra scoop of enemies-to-lovers, and the cherry on top guest appearances from Shay and Noah. I mean, it wouldn't be Friendship, Rhode Island without Shay and Noah--or a whole bunch of wacky festivals. We'll call those the nuts.
Since I know you're wondering:
  • Audio: Yes! It's happening. I don't have narrators or a release date to announce yet, but it's in process.
  • Paperback preorder: Check back later next month! If it works out, I'll share those links as soon as I have them.
  • Bookstagram/booktok/blogger sign-ups: Yes, click here! If you're looking for images or graphics to share, click right here!
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His best friend's little sister is not an option.
No one ever accused Beckett Loew of being the nice Loew brother, especially not Sunny duJardin. 
Stuck back home in the quirky town of Friendship, Rhode Island, Beckett is scrambling to save his family’s oyster bar and take care of his teenage brother.  
He doesn’t have time to deal with the beautiful, sunshine-y owner of the new vegan cafe next door too.  
His best friend’s little sister may be all grown up, but Sunny’s still a distracting pain in his side. 
No one expects much from Sunny duJardin, especially not Beckett Loew.  
She’s not worried about her older brother’s tall, dark, and broody best friend or the battles he insists on waging with her every day.  
She's not the same kid he teased years ago.  
Now, she composts his type for breakfast. 
They’re all wrong for each other. 
Bitter rivals. 
Complete opposites. 
Off limits.
Except they can’t keep their hands off each other. 
They tell themselves it’s nothing more than a steamy summer fling until secrets spill and real trouble comes their way.
Some of the tropes you'll find in Shucked:
grumpy x sunshine
"I am painfully aware of everything you do"
older brother's best friend
small town
Content Warnings: Chronic illness (epilepsy), mention of childhood bullying, putting the fun in dysfunctional families, parents who turn into accidental criminals, incarceration, open door spice, happy ever after, no cliffhanger, suspense and moments of peril. 

I hope you're doing well, my friend. I hope summer (or winter, depending upon where you physically exist) is treating you with gentle hands. 
I hope you're reading good books (I'll share some recent favorites over the next few weeks) and finding joy. 
My sincere hope is that Sunny and Beckett bring you the kind of belly-laughing, feet-kicking-up, cheek-hurting, tummy-butterflying joy that brightens many of your days.
Talk soon,
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The funny thing about being an author and writing hundreds of thousands of words each year is that you are both more and less aware of typos. You seem them everywhere--except your own work. Because you know what it's supposed to say. You've heard it in your head for months. You hear it in your bleating dreams. But even with half a dozen pairs of eyes and months of review, a few make it through to the end. Survivors, really. They're hanging on for dear life while hiding in plain sight. All because enough people know what it's supposed to say to the extent that they don't even catch when it doesn't say precisely that. This is a very long way of saying typos in emails do not count for anything and bridge trolls are in fact tasked with tormenting the people who respond to emails by listing out the typos so let's not invite that kind of trouble into our lives.
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