Lincoln Central Elementary Students Start a Penny War to Combat Food Insecurity
More than 425 students from 18 classrooms raised $3,400 to donate to Plates with Purpose as part of a Penny War last month. We graciously accepted the donation from Leanne Saravo and Julie Coelho at Lincoln Central Elementary, and hope to find a restaurant in the community to distribute meals to those who are finding it difficult to put food on their tables.
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Over the course of three weeks, the student community was split into three teams. Pennies and bills accumulated points and the teams could have points deducted from each other by adding silver coins to opposing teams’ jars. With assistance from Navigant Credit Union in Smithfield, tens of thousands of coins were sorted and counted and a winning team was declared.
“It takes a village, and our program was designed to include independently-owned restaurants in the fight against food insecurity. It only makes sense that this generous spirit feeds the need as close to home to these amazing kids as possible” says Jennifer Capracotta, co-founder.
For many, the worst of the pandemic is in the rear-view mirror thankfully, but food insecurity rates have increased significantly since 2019 levels. “This is a crisis and with one in three Rhode Island households unable to meet basic food needs, our work has never been more impactful” according to Jennifer Fantozzi, co-founder. 

Stop & Shop…and GIVE BACK!
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Grateful to the team at Stop & Shop in Smithfield for choosing us as their Community Bag beneficiary for July. And just in time for backyard barbecues and filling beach coolers. Be sure to stop in & grab your bag at 446 Putnam Pike and be part of this important work!

Highlights from Bouquets & Bubbly - Spring Edition
We can’t do what we do without the generosity and compassion of every one of you. It is a privilege for us to do this work — and to be part of a community that only exists because YOU keep rallying and showing up to raise awareness about the crisis in RI. And to get much needed meals onto the tables of those who need them. 
A great BIG thank you to Colleen Montondo from Betty's Blooms, Reilly & Andi from Boozy Bitchez, blackie's, Iggy's and every one who attended our third Bouquets & Bubbly workshop last month to help us feed the need in R.I.

Our program is powered by the kindness & compassion of others. We can't do what we do without the support of so many. We are grateful and continue to find our inspiration from the continued support we receive from thousands of amazing individuals, small businesses, and communities. 
With Purpose & Love,
Jenn & Jen XO
Plates with Purpose is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization (EIN 85-4347996)
Our mission is to facilitate a two-way value exchange that empowers restaurants to continue to contribute to their local communities by providing meals to households that are struggling to meet their basic food needs, while driving direct revenue.