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We HEAR you! 
We’ve shared so many of your stories, and you want more!  You want more from survivors and others in the My Cancer Family Community.  We want to share ALL of your stories to help all of you!!!  
If you are on a cancer journey, were on a cancer journey, or know anyone on a cancer journey, can you please take a few minutes to fill out these questions so we can share more from more of you.  
We do NOT need to share your name or any personal information!!!
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Do you know a child on a cancer journey?  As hard as it is for them, it also deeply touches their siblings as well and shapes all of their childhoods and lives.  19 year old Holden Lipton is the oldest of four siblings.  7 years ago, when his younger brother, Walker was just six years old, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  Now, Holden is raising money and making a difference to help other families!
In his words:
My name is Holden Lipton and I am from New York City. I am 19 years old and I am on the baseball team at the
University of Pennsylvania.
I am the Founder of the Hampton Open, a PickleBall fundraising event where all the proceeds go to the Ronald McDonald House. The Ronald McDonald House New York provides “housing for pediatric cancer patients and their families in a strong, supportive, and caring environment which encourages and nurtures the development of child-to-child and parent-to-parent support systems”. This cause is incredibly important to my family and me as my brother, Walker, was diagnosed with a brain tumor when he was six years old. He is now 13 years old and entering 8th grade.
Our first year in 2022 was a huge success. We raised over $150,000 for the Ronald McDonald House and had over 275 people attend the event. As well, we had 28 sponsors, who are on board in supporting us for this summer.
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Stay Positive,  
Denise & the My Cancer Family family
Cancer Sucks.  F*** Cancer. We Hate Cancer. We know this already.  We can’t change that for you. We CAN change your journey. We WILL make it easier and better.We are YOUR Cancer Family.