The Karma Code:
 Master the Art of Positive Projection
“what goes around comes around”
This is a simple way of expressing the concept of karma. You’ve heard me talk about karmic debt, but I want to take a deeper dive into its meaning and how it can make a significant impact in your life.
I’ll start from the beginning. Karma is an old Sanskrit word that means “action” or “deed”, and it has nothing to do with randomness. In fact, in some cultures, karma is seen as a law of cause and effect that influences everyone and the lives we live. It also means that everything we do will always have a corresponding reaction. It could be immediate, but it could also be in a future life if you believe in that. Have you ever made a bad decision only to have something bad happen to you later? Then you know what I’m talking about.
I’ll give you a gym example. I’ve seen guys sit back in the gym and talk a lot of shit about other people working out. These are accomplished martial artists, but they don’t really have or need a reason to talk about anyone else. After talking big, they hit the mats and before you know it, they’re tapping. That is one example of karma. Negative out, negative in. I’ve seen it in the workplace too: people who take credit for things they shouldn’t, those who avoid helping when they are available to, or those that take advantage and exploit people that are nice to them.
I’ll take it a step farther. While karma is about action, it’s not always about what you do. It can also be about how you think and feel. The way you think and how you feel about things are what shape your reality and view of the world. Your thoughts also influence how you perceive yourself and how you interact with other people. Think about it, people with balance and good intentions are calm and confident when they interact with others. When they don’t have that, it affects their relationships with everyone from family members to random strangers on the street.

As we talk about thoughts and feelings, we need to acknowledge that this is where internal projection comes in. You already know that your external world is shaped by your internal projections, but why is that? First, projecting is a mental process that people use to attribute to others whatever is in your own mind. Insecurity is a great example of this. If you’re feeling insecure, it is very easy to be caught in the trap of thinking that everyone is judging you as hard as you’re judging yourself. Have you spilled coffee on a shirt, then worry the rest of the day if people are actually looking at you or just the stain on your shirt?
Projection isn’t always bad though; it just depends on how you deal with it. You can’t stop it from happening, but you need to understand that you have full power and control over it. If you project positive qualities onto other people, then it’s a fact that you can feel more connected and inspired by them. This type of mindset also attracts more positive people and experiences in your life. This phenomenon is known as the law of attraction and while it’s not truly a scientific term, it is a topic that has been studied in medical journals and simply has too much supporting evidence to ignore. In non-scientific terms, it’s real, and you don’t need quantitative data to prove it.
There is a flip side though. We all know the world isn’t always nice, or kind, or easy on us and positive thinking won’t make those things just disappear, but positive thinking means we can approach unpleasant situations in a positive way. 
-negative attracts negative-
If you struggle with that concept and still find yourself projecting negative thoughts onto others like hostility, resentment, or even envy, then there is a strong chance you will probably feel more isolated and threatened. Just like the rules of attraction when it comes to positivity, a negative mindset will also attract negative people and situations in your life.
Have you ever had a bad teacher, coach, or authority figure? Maybe they haven’t been nice to you or given you the time of day. It’s easy to mentally checkout, list all the flaws of that person, and choose to stay negative, but it doesn’t have to be that way.
How we react to this situation and what we do determines our wellbeing. You don’t have to stay in a negative environment and just hope that positivity radiates off of you and changes your world. Sometimes being positive is also understanding that a certain environment isn’t right for you, and you need the courage to make a change. That is how a positive mindset can get you out of the negativity traps.
Now let’s get back to karma.
The key to creating positive karma is to be fully aware of your internal projections and take responsibility for them. If they are positive, then lean into it and make it work for you! If you harbor fear, resentment, or anger and project those negative thoughts into the world, the only way those things can change is for you to take ownership of your mindset without blaming the world. The world isn’t going to change for you, so you need to learn to adapt and be resilient. I can assure you, it’s a hell of a lot easier to do with a positive mindset.
This is also where mindfulness comes in to help. You must be able to acknowledge and accept your own feelings whether they are positive or negative. We all have them, and those feelings are a part of us, but they should never define us. The key is finding healthy ways to express the negative feelings. Some people write in journals, some people need someone to talk to, and others can get rid of negative thoughts through physical exercise. Trust me, if you’ve had one of those days where nothing went right, even if you consider yourself to be a positive person, spending a few rounds on the heavy bag can really help. Exercise is one positive outlet to release negative feelings. The science behind physical activity and overcoming depressive or negative thoughts has been researched for decades and if you read up on it, you’ll see that the experts agree, exercise helps.
But transformation is never easy. In fact, it can be damn painful. We suffer from growing pains as kids because our bones are growing. When our minds and emotions grow and mature, that can be painful too! However, through self-exploration and mindfulness, you can change your negative projections into positive ones. Other people are not your enemies or rivals. Simply look at them like a teacher and a mirror of what not to do, and how not to be. This way you can appreciate them for what they are and learn what’s right by learning how not to be like them. Many people associate these feelings with forgiving a parent or guardian that raised them in an unhealthy environment.
-the power of self talk-
These positive feelings can also be produced through gratitude and compassion. Gratitude for what you have, and compassion for what others don’t. Just because you can’t help everyone who needs a hand does not mean you cannot be hopeful and positive for them! On that same hand, just because you are not where you want to be or don’t have what you feel you deserve, I want you to use the word “yet”, to switch any negative reinforcements about your current situation. I don’t have a job…yet. I haven’t been able to find love…yet. I can’t even run a half mile…yet. Those initial statements are internal projections that can and will influence your life if you let them.
But getting past them does not mean ignoring them. It means owning them. Own your thoughts, because when you do, you will now own your projections. When you own your projections, you will begin to own what comes back to you. If what goes around comes around, don’t you want to be waiting and anticipating something good? Then you need to start it with something good. 

It doesn’t take much to manifest positive karma. Open a door for someone, and one opens for you. Show someone a trick or technique or little secret that improves their life, and watch one come your way! And remember, karma is not some magical force that governs the universe, but just a natural consequence of your actions, thoughts, and feelings.
Remember, the world is a mirror. Be conscious of the energy you put out there. It always comes back around.
I would love to hear from all of you on times this has happened in your life. How did your positive mindset overcome your challenges? 
I'll see you in the next one,
-Steven Williams

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