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This community - you - have helped me build this newsletter. Your feedback and questions have guided and motivated me to continue to create content and tools to help others on the same path.
I’m stepping into a new arena and need your help. A *new* resource to help two-career families sustainably pursue all the things.
Mastering the ordinary in our lives
I realized the more we streamline the ‘have to’ in life, the more time we have for the ‘want to.’  The tasks of life should not stand in the way of the extraordinary life has to offer. 
We are working on building an online course dedicated to teaching you how to master the ordinary things in your life - the things you need to do (like laundry, feeding your family, getting people where they need to be, finding time to workout, making time for connection with your spouse), so you have room for the extraordinary things you want to do.
This course would:
  • introduce the core mindsets important to a Life of And,
  • teach proven frameworks to help streamline the ordinary in your life,
  • provide tools to help you think through your own unique situation and
  • share examples to inspire creative solving
Will you share your feedback?
Here is a quick survey. Your help to guide us on how it should come together would be a gift.
And if you know anyone else who could provide valuable input, please forward this email to them.
Thanks a million!
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