WOWnderful Women 
It’s not every day you meet a Doctor that you think – WOW, this Doctor is incredible! 
Growing up, we had a local doctor that made house calls, knew every member of our family, and always felt like a lifeline at the end of the phone, even when my appendix burst when I was 12, one late Sunday night. Maybe it’s me, but now it feels like you’re a patient number, the product of your patient file and sure, we have sadly lost 2 local doctors, 1 to Covid and 1 to Cancer (devastating) and I know there are wonderful doctors out there. I especially hear amazing things about a lady in Durban North (bit far to drive from Hillcrest) so imagine how delighted I was to meet this incredible human, Dr Bronwyn Julius!
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When she was at school in Grade 11, her class teacher’s husband was a GP and he told her “in medicine you’ll find a place for your passion”. With excellent marks in hand, she was off to UCT and, despite being very homesick (hate that feeling) she powered through all the challenges, did an internship at R K Khan and Murchison, studied paediatrics for 4 years (now you know where to take your babies, mama bears), did GP locum work, worked in the Emergency Rooms at Hillcrest and Westville hospital and has now opened her own practice in Westville. 
I paid her a visit and was so impressed with the whole package - parking, wheel chair ramp, facilities and space in the practice, and, of course, her!
Bronwyn (Dr Julius – she worked hard for that title) truly loves what she does, and it shows. She exudes, warmth, sincerity, care, and empathy and just loves making her patients well. She says she has chosen to stay as a GP as she loves the diversity of patients, ages, and conditions and wants to care for people “from the beginning to the end of their life” and truly “serve the community she lives in” (not just slamming through a busy waiting room charging like a wounded buffalo every 5 to 15 minutes).
This Doc is on standby, does call outs, attends to emergencies, and even offers the service to folk living out of town who need their loved ones taken care of here. She visits and treats them (often the elderly) and does full Whatsapp updates and progress reports/ check ins with them so they know their loved ones are getting the best care! How amazing. She submits her really affordable bills through medical aid or pops them on email to the family if the patient isn’t on medical aid and it provides the very best peace of mind! Wish I knew about Dr Julius when my 86 year old blind mom-in-law with dementia was alive! Getting her to the car and into the Doctor’s rooms was a half day affair and so traumatising for her.
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Corporates, why not call on Dr Julius to be part of your wellness programme – she will even set up at your company, do wellness tests, administer Vitamin B injections to help with stress, and be there for your team! Healthy staff are productive staff!
I did some enquiring and comments made about her by her patients were “highly recommended!” and “short of walking on water!"
I liked her, a lot. I will definitely be visiting her and recommend you give her a try for you, your family, or business too.
Dr Julius even has a room available for another health professional to rent in her stunning practice so if you know of anyone looking for space – put them in touch. Could be a Physio, OT…anyone awesome in healthcare.
Oh, another thing – don’t stress about “breaking up" with your GP and asking for the file (can be a bit awkward), you just make an appointment with her, tell her why you’re there and she will do a full assessment and treat you accordingly, sometimes good to get a fresh perspective and not just a repeat script for a decade! (as per recent experience with my hubby’s doc – aargh!)
I know GP stands for General Practitioner but, in this case, it stands for that and more…Great Person!
To make an appointment call her assistant Candice on 031 8801673. Emergency or After Hours 0646544032.
They can be found at 9 Kensington Drive, Westville, you’ll thank me later.

Let’s Celebrate Women’s Day!…
The A-List supports, acknowledges, empowers, and LOVES women. Women’s Day is just around the corner, so we have jumped on the bandwagon with Drinkerbell and invite all A-Listers to join in on the amazing morning planned. They had me at Mimosa!
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Ditch the dishes, cooking breakfast for the family and take time out for YOU to be spoilt. Bring a friend, your mum, daughter, neighbour – whoever you feel deserves a spoil and to be celebrated. If the fandam were planning on making you breakfast, tell them this is YOUR day, you’ll be living the high life at brunch, and they can make you dinner!
There is a delicious menu, amazing speakers including Senta talking about her Epic Fail Fairytale (think some of us could well use that to describe our lives) and how to “Rewrite your story”, Senta is great to listen to and shares so many nuggets! Lara will also be speaking, she has gone from Miss Universe finalist to powering through eating disorders, a prisoner in her own home who fled in the night to escape, and then a young widow who has taken her teenage daughter and carved the most beautiful, intentional life – riveting woman and content!
There will be small gifts for each lady, (did I mention Mimosas ha ha) as well as the opportunity to win the most fantastic prizes including massage vouchers, voucher for a Gourmet cake, hampers, Bellezar vouchers, Positivity cards, amazing books, wine AND a weekend away valued at R10500!
Raffle tickets will be available to raise funds for the Drinkerbell Foundation that pays for girls to have the right tests and counselling, BUT A-Listers get one FREE ticket at the door!
Ladies, let’s click our heels together like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz and take these 2 hours out for ourselves! Did you know, the allure of the ruby slippers transcends their appearance. The Wizard of Oz is one of the most beloved films of all time, and in many ways, it feels like Dorothy and her magical shoes belong to all of us. In the movie, the slippers represent the little guy's ability to triumph over powerful forces, and that’s what Drinkerbell is all about!
Book now, only 100 tickets available (and many already sold out). To book, click here :
Any queries contact
See you there!

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