Hard to believe it's been 3 months since our last email. Time flies. 
It's been an odd year so far, things have been slow for weeks and the we get a rush of project requests in a short span, then weeks of quiet again. 
The good news is supply chain issues are resolving and lead times on cabinets and countertops are much better than last year. 
We've added a new cabinet line, Decor Cabinets, out of Manitoba, Canada. It's a very high quality frameless cabinet line that allows us to customize just about any feature of the cabinet box, doors, drawers or finish. 
Their customer service has been outstanding as well and they ship on their own trucks to minimize shipping damage (a big plus considering what happened on a recent project - read more about that below). 
Our Schedule
We have room for just two more projects in our schedule this year. 
For most new clients we are recommending we do the planning and ordering now but schedule project start dates for the new year to avoid the inevitable delays that a happen around the holidays. 
But if you really need it done before Christmas there is just enough time if you move quickly. 


That's It For Now! 
You can reach us here if you have any questions.