Hello, First name / my friend!
Hi, hello, how are we today? 
The reaction to last week's preview of Shucked was so amazing that I couldn't let another whole week go by without sharing another morsel with you.
In case you're wondering, here's what I'm consuming this week:
Ebook: an early read of Kat Ryan's upcoming release, Running on Empty
TV: Suits on Netflix like everyone else. 
(I have so many questions and thoughts about this show but to quote the great Theodora Taylor, it is slathered in buttery goodness and I cannot stop)
Okay, okay, I've made you wait long enough, here it is: another quick peek at Shucked

He ran a hand down my spine. “You’re not wearing a bra—”
“Why would I torture myself that way?”
“—and that’s doing terrible things to me.”
“Oh, please. It’s not like I have enough going on for it to matter.”
“It matters to me. Everything you do matters to me, in case you haven’t noticed.” He skimmed a hand up my flank and drew his thumb along the underside of my breast. I tried and failed to withhold a soft gasp. “And believe me when I say I love what you have going on.”
🦪  Shucked  is coming August 22!
📚  Ebook* Preorder: Here it is!
📙  Paperback preorder: we're working on it!
🎧  Audio: in the works/no update that I can share yet.
*please note, this ebook is exclusive to Amazon. 

I hope you're doing well, my friend!
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