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Higher Self
One question I get a lot is what is the Higher Self? I am not sure there is a simple answer to this, but one definition is: “Higher Self is an eternal source that can open you up to your intuition and give you an insight into the deeper aspects of yourself and the world. It helps you tune into your intentions, desires, and aspirations.”
I believe our Higher Self is that part of us that never incarnates. It is that essence of you that stays with the Divine and is in charge of our Akashic Records or Book of Life. It is our Higher Self that decides our life lessons and who our Spirit Guides will be. It is that quiet voice inside of you that helps you know which paths we should take and which paths to avoid. But the choice to listen is always yours.
When we are on this physical plane, we experience a sense of detachment from everything spiritual, our Higher Self stays in touch with the spiritual essence of our true being and the universal energy that connects everything and everyone; reminding us of the fact that ‘we are all one’. It is that force that keeps us connected with our Divine Source and brings in inspiration.
Our Higher Self lies beyond any limiting beliefs, unlike our physical self that has its own ego, wounds, and past hurt that can turn into negative emotional turmoil's resulting in a behavior detached from the true being.
It's remembering that you are more than a physical being, you are a spiritual being, and it is your soul that is always connected with your Higher Self. Meditating can help you connect with that essence and energy and even receive guidance. 
To put it simply your Higher Self is your authentic self, your intuitive self. When you allow yourself to connect with your Higher Self you will feel more inspired, open-minded. You will have more empathy towards others and a better understanding of the physical world. You will be less fearful, especially of death for you will have an understanding that precedes this world.
Here are some ways to connect with your Higher Self:
1. Meditation 
2 Prayer
3 Mantras
4 Freewriting
Also, some alternative ways that can be used throughout your day to bring yourself back in alignment with your Higher Self are:
1. Inviting the light in, with conscious breathing. Just breathing in the light with your third eye or through your crown chakra and into your heart. Three deep breaths can make all the difference in a day.
2. Dancing. Find joy and freedom in the movement of dancing.
3. Music that lifts your soul or inspires you.
4. Mantra, singing your favorite mantra in the shower or in your car / or reciting it in silence can help you shift into that connection with your higher self.
5. Books and inspiring videos – reading up on the things that interest you and make you expand your horizon is also a way in which you can reconnect to the Truth inside of you.
Connecting to your Higher Self should be fun and uplifting. Remember everyone is different and you will have your own ways and words to connect to your Wisdom, your Joy and your Love there is no right or wrong way. 
Whatever your understanding of the Higher Self remember it is YOU, it is your essence, and it will never mislead you. 
Resources for the above article: Irina Yugay, Christine Lord, MSW, LICSW, Spiritual Healer and Holistic Psychotherapist, and Aletheia Luna & Mateo Sol, Spiritual Educators and Energy Healers. 
Pat Laurino
Intuitive Energy Healer/Psychic and Spiritual Medium
Moving Announcement
North Country Spiritual Pathways and Wellness, LLC is moving! We will be moving to the Cottage Park Professional Center at 101 Cottage Street, Suite 7A (across the parking lot from Deep Earth Arts).
I will be closed August 30 - September 9th and reopening on September 10th. An open house will be scheduled for the first week of September so please stay tuned for that announcement.  I hope everyone will join me and help me to bless and fill my new space with positive energies and share in my new beginning. 

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