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Hello August!🌻
August is summer's last hoorah before everyone heads back-to-school and pumpkin-everything returns to the forefront of life! Many August holidays and observances make the perfect excuse to enjoy your favorite summertime activities! Make sure to relish all 31 days and celebrate National Book Lovers Day, International Coworking Day, National Hand Holding Day, National Polka Day, National Spoil Your Dog Day, National Lazy Day, and so many more!

01. What to Expect in Your First Therapy Session | From the Blog
02. Jennifer Scholl, MSW, LISW | Meet Our Providers
03. Make Your Bed | Book Corner with Dr. Newman
04. Becoming the Star of Your Own Life | Teen Coaching Event with Avery Sunshine
05. The Gathering Girl: Interview with Author Amanda Irene Rush | Podcast EP #56
06. Sleep Spark: The Sexy Way to Sleep | Podcast EP #54

What to Expect in Your First Therapy Session | 01

Meet Our Providers  | 02
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Jennifer Scholl, MSW, LISW
Jennifer is a licensed independent social worker (LISW), and holds a master’s degree in social work from The Ohio State University. She has worked as a therapist in psychiatric crisis facilities and inpatient hospitals and has experience working with a wide range of mental illnesses, addictions, and life stressors. Jennifer also works in community mental health, as the leader of a team serving adults with mental health and addiction needs. She enjoys working with individuals, families, and couples, utilizing a wide variety of treatment modalities, including cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), solution-focused therapy (SFT), dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT), and psychoeducation.  She enjoys helping her clients to achieve their goals, meet their potential, and overcome their challenges. Her goal as a therapist is to make sure that her clients feel understood, supported, and empowered. Jennifer serves adults, age 18 and over.

Book Corner with Dr. Newman | 03
Make Your Bed by Admiral William McRaven
Sometimes it's the little things that make a big difference. If you want to change the world, or your life, start off by making your bed. This month's book selection is authored by Admiral William McRaven, and is titled Make Your Bed: Small Things That Can Change Your Life And Maybe The World.  McRaven inspires readers to start small to go big. As a seasoned Navy SEAL, he knows the value of setting goals and reaching our potential. The read does not feel like a boot camp. He uses personal anecdotes and simple life lessons to motivate readers to reach higher than they give themselves credit for. McRaven also challenges us to see beyond "failures" as progress and stand up for ourselves in the face of adversity.
Summer may be drawing to a close, but there is still time to add one more good read to your shortlist for the season. Happy August and happy reading!

Becoming the Star of your Own Life | 04
Some of you may remember our podcast interview with the wonderful, Avery Sunshine! If you are unfamiliar, feel free to tune into our episode here or familiarize yourself with her work here. Avery is a certified life coach at her practice, Sunshine Mindset LLC. Avery specializes in selective mutism, social anxiety, and helping people overcome other fears that hold them back from living their life to the fullest. She is a mother of two daughters who overcame selective mutism, and is serving clients in Columbus and around the world. We are excited to announce her upcoming teens only (13-17) training event happening on Saturday, September 9th at 10 am-7:30 pm EDT. Click here to learn more about the event
Avery says:
How do you go from judging yourself and dimming your light to embracing your authentic self and shining bright? I am going to show you how to step into confidence, speak up boldly for what you believe in, and show you how to get out of your own way and really let your inner light SHINE!

The Gathering Girl: Interview with Author Amanda Irene Rush | 05
The Gathering Girl with Author Amanda Irene Rush
Columbus-based psychiatric nurse practitioner, Amanda Rush, has published her debut memoir, The Gathering Girl. Alicja interviewed Amanda Rush, a talented nurse practitioner and writer! In the interview, Amanda shares several great stories and how she came to write The Gathering Girl. Amanda began sifting through the relics of her family’s fragile past when her parents passed away, and it led to the writing of The Gathering Girl. She wondered if the chance objects she and her mother and father had held on to—a faded doodle of a girl gathering apples, broken knick knacks, worn family photos and her parents’ journals—might unravel their long-standing and tightly woven narrative and tell a different story. Searching through the eyes of “The Gathering Girl,” Amanda discovered an alternate truth buried within the deepest roots of her family tree. She demonstrated how the untangling of a twisted past can be both beautiful and brutal, and how the journey can ultimately lead to forgiveness. 
Listen to the interview here and get your own copy of Amanda’s book here.

Sleep Spark: The Sexy Way to Sleep | 06
Sleep Spark: The Sexy Way to Sleep with Founder & CEO, Simone Sexton
In podcast episode 54, the hosts had a chat with therapist and hypnotherapist Simone Sexton about her app, Sleep Spark: The Sexy Way to Sleep. This adult wellness app helps users to relax, enjoy a sexy adult fantasy in your mind, and then fall asleep to soothing soundscapes. Sleep Spark users can customize their experience by choosing a relaxation setting, an adult fantasy, and then selecting a sleep experience. In addition, Sleep Spark can be customized for singles or couples to listen together to enhance intimacy and connection. Simone Sexton states, “Our mission is to create a safe place for adults to explore ways to relax, be the star of a sex-positive fantasy in your mind, and then drift off to sleep. We hope that we can help to reduce the stigma about sex and instead promote sexual wellness as an important part of being human.” 
Links for Sleep Spark: The Sexy Way To Sleep:

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