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7 nights in October. Leaving from Boston. 2 stops in Canada. 2 stops in Maine. 
That’s the description of the DREAMY, New England and Canada cruise that I was thisssss close to booking last Sunday.
I could picture us waking up to the crisp air, enjoying our morning cups of coffee on the lido deck and then disembarking each day to soak up the absolute beauty of the fall season. ☕️🍂
Not only was it the PERFECT anniversary trip — like hello, I got married in the fall for a reason – it was also one heck of a deal. 
It almostttt had me. The only problem?
We’re also in the middle of a saving season so we can hopefullyyyyy buy a house this year. 🤞🏼
My husband and I are pretty tired of the renter life and owning a home is what we really want in the long run.
So, I closed my computer heartbroken 💔 (yes, I’m dramatic) and accepted the reality that the instant gratification of booking that fall trip would probably end up causing me more stress in the future and prolong what we really want.
(Full disclosure: I’m 9 times out of 10 a “book the trip” girlie – this just happened to be one of those I couldn’t justify no matter how hard I tried. Don’t worry though, I WILL be booking another fall trip of my dreams and I’ll update you when I do.)
After a few hours of sitting in my own self pity, I got over it and thought WAIT – this sort of thing happens in business all. the. time.
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How Delaying Instant Gratification Can Impact Your Business
Writing Tip of the Week
Blog Swap with Flair by KD
Our mind LOVES instant gratification. It’s a basic psychology principle and essentially it’s when you seek some sort of pleasure so that you can avoid pain.
It's prioritizing your short-term needs over your long-term goals. When you do this, your brain releases dopamine – the feel good hormone that acts as our reward system.
What’s so interesting about this though is that continuing to give into the things that bring instant gratification, especially in your business, can cause MORE pain in the long run.
Your mind doesn’t realize that though – which is why you have to be the one in control making sure it doesn’t run wild all the time.
In business, we naturally want the shiny. We want the stuff that feels good NOW. We want the  easy. We want the likes and comments and engagement.
All of the things that satisfy us in the short term… but rarely add up to long term results.
Delaying instant gratification in your business by doing the not-so-sexy or not-so-fun work is often the thing that will generate the results you want down the road. 
This is the work that takes more patience. It takes more consistency. It requires you to slow down and think about where you’re at, but ultimately where you really want to be.
Sort of like when I imagined me and my husband on that New England cruise. It sounded really great and it’s what I want NOW, but when I paused to think about where we ultimately want to be, I knew it was something I needed to delay. 
This is why my mantra is always this: blogs first, socials second.
Social media has become a type of instant gratification that our brains thrive on and keep us coming back for more.
While social media can be a great TOOL for your business, it’s not the thing that will lead you to where you really want to be.
Your social media posts don’t help you rank higher on Google and easily be found in search.
Your likes don’t equal sales or more money in your bank account.
And I’m sorry, but new followers don’t automatically mean new leads.
All of those things make us feel good, but blog content is the thing that has a much more long lasting effect because blogs live on for YEARS to come.
Businesses that blog get 55% more website visitors than businesses that don't.
Having a blog increases your chances of ranking higher in search by 434%.
60% of people purchase a product after reading a blog post about it.
Need I say more? Stop sleeping on blogs, bestie!
Writing Tip of the Week
Write for people first, search engines second.
Oftentimes you’ll hear that you should implement blogs in your business so you can boost your SEO. And while that IS true, I believe blogs are for so much more than that.
When you’re creating blog topics and writing your content, ALWAYS write for your people first and search engines second – aka don’t get so caught up in including the right keywords that you forget to deliver on the actual topic at hand.
What matters most is the value that your audience is going to get when they read your post. The search engine rankings are simply an added benefit!
This week I was honored to do a blog swap with Flair by KD and I explain more about this in that blog post!
The Latest Natty News 
The past few weeks on the blog, I've been featuring a few guest experts that fully align with everything I do here at Natty Writes!
This week you're hearing from Karli from Flair by KD – Karli owns a brand and website design studio that helps instill confidence in women-owned wellness brand and entrepreneurs through thoughtful design!
Karli is someone I personally love to learn from and is someone that “gets it” when it comes to prioritizing your website and its content.
In THIS blog post, she's shares 7 Ways to Attract Your Ideal Client (and no, it doesn't involve an ICA worksheet 😉).

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