august 2023 newsletter
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Sourdough Mindfulness Mantra
💕 make sourdough …
breathe in and breathe out 💕
My heartfelt greetings to each one of you and all of you and your sourdough starter, both rye and gluten free starters …and I am intending to be more connected with you all, writing to you at least once a month.
I hope this message finds you wrapped in warmth and resilience amidst the challenges we face in these uncertain times. How quickly this year has passed, and for me personally (on all levels I may add) has been a challenging year, too. Hence the theme of this newsletter. 
The one super power we have to is to BREATHE, and remind each other … to breathe deeply in and out, and back in your body  …
and be in the here NOW and to celebrate that we are alive, and how amazing our body is breathing in the background relentlessly to support us 24/7 every moment every day.
For me my go-to solace and peace is the comforting embrace of sourdough. There's something magical about immersing my hands in flour, water, and starter, kneading the dough as I breathe in and out.
It is in those moments that I find myself anchored to the present, my breathing becoming deeper and slower, and the worries of the world fade away … back in the body!
Last month, I experienced the deepest grief I have ever known, the loss of my beloved grandmother. She was my guiding light, my home .. my "parent". With her passing, I have learned to cope by staying in the pain, incredible amount of tears and breathing as deeply as I can and imagining that I am connecting to her as I breathe in and letting her go as I breathe out. This way I know she is always a part of me, she still lives in me, part of my physical DNA and part of my soul
Grief is a journey, and some days are more bearable than others. In these challenging times, I'm humbled and grateful for the kindness that surrounds me, from friends like you who offer support and comfort.
On a brighter note, my birthday is approaching, and I want to share that I am in good health — a gift I cherish deeply. This has prompted me to contemplate the significance of our connections with loved ones and our communities. As I continue to process the loss of my grandmother, I am reminded that the time we spend with those we hold dear is the most precious gift of all. More valuable than any material possessions, it is the moments of shared love and “presence” (not presents) that truly matter. 

So, let's make time for our loved ones, turning off our electronic distractions, and cherishing these irreplaceable moments together.
As we continue our sourdough journeys and life's adventures, let us remember to breathe in and breathe out, finding peace in the simple act of kneading dough or making food for ourselves and our loved ones and being present in the here and now.
May your sourdough be a reminder of the beauty in taking things slowly and savoring each moment as it is our last …
With my love and gratitude, yoke 💕💕💕

PS: if there is anything I can help you or just to say hello,please feel free to reach out to me …
contact me

To warm your heart, and to make sure that no-one misses out, here is an easy and super delicious recipe of my winter favourite gluten free ginger cookie 
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My NEW gluten free bread mix flour was born in May and for those of you who are gluten free and have been using my gluten free bread mixes,
I have birthday special for August:
You will receive and extra 1kg bag of my new white GF Bread mix flour for 
ALL 12.5kg bag Wild sourdough gluten free bread mixes order (BB NOV 2024) 
and please add YOKEBD@# in the “Order Notes”
(orders must be paid by Aug 31)
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For any of you who would like to wean or reduce your gluten intake, and still want to eat sourdough, try this recipe or you can use any of your sourdough recipe, replace half of the wheat or spelt flour with my Gluten Free Bread Mixes and the water (hydration) for my gf bread mix flour weight is 100-110% hydration, add extra 2% salt for the white bread mix
if that’s too hard, email me your favourite sourdough recipe and I will convert it for you!
with my love and  gratitude, yoke
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