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July 28 - Aug. 4
Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pa.
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Tree of Life Synagogue 
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The man who perpetrated the deadliest attack against Jews in U.S. history, taking 11 lives and injuring seven at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, was sentenced to death on Wednesday.
The shooting was the genesis for Robert Kraft's commitment to create a foundation to combat antisemitism and all forms of hate. May we never forget the terrible crimes committed that day and use that memory as motivation to ensure that it never happens again by encouraging everyone to stand up to all hate, violence and antisemitism.
Despite the death sentence, it could be years before the execution is carried out due to the Department of Justice’s current halt on capital punishment.
Conversation online focused on remembering the lives of those lost and their families. While some debated the ethics of the death penalty, most users were relieved that justice was served.

Sentenced to death
Robert Bowers
Motivated by hate

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  • “Prison for mailing” - Related to a woman in Louisville who was sentenced to nine years in prison for mailing racist threats to her neighbors and defacing their driveways with swastikas.
  • “Pittsburgh Synagogue” - See above.
  • “Rothschild Temple,” “Rothschild family” - See below.
  • “Paul Gosar,” “House Democrats,” “office linked” - Related to conversation of Rep. Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.) and his newsletter which linked to an antisemitic website. See previous version of From the Command Center.”
  • “#otd,” “romani people,” “gypsy camp,” “Adolf Hitler”- See below.
  • “People killed,” “committed genocide” - Related to a viral conversation that compares the Holocaust to colonialism in Africa.
  • “Blood Tribe,” “swastika flags” - See below
  • “RFK Jr” - Related to ongoing discussion of presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s claim that COVID-19 was designed to spare “Ashkenazi Jews and Chinese” as well as the fact that he included two antisemitic dog whistles in a recent Twitter post. See previous version of “From the Command Center.”
  • “Kanye West” - Refers to Kanye West’s account reinstatement on X, formerly known as Twitter.
  • “#itwasascam” - Refers to criticism of the UK Labour Party and Jeremy Corbyn’s alleged antisemitism.
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Rothschild Conspiracy theories
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A recent tweet by conspiracy theorist Matt Wallace falsely attributed a photo of a tourist attraction in Felicity, Calif., to the Rothschild family, calling it the “Rothschild Temple.” Wallace claims that “very disturbing things happen in the caverns underneath it” and threatened to release more details. Users of X, formerly known as Twitter, added a community note to the post, clarifying that the pyramid is actually a landmark that marks the “Center of the World."

The Rothschilds are a Jewish banking family that began their business in the 18th century. The family is commonly invoked by conspiracy theorists as a generic dog whistle to claim Jews are in control of the U.S. Federal Reserve system and, in effect, control all the money in the world. Wallace’s tweet is an example of social media users using false information to promote antisemitic conspiracy theories.

Rothschild Temple
Rothschild family
Central bank

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Antisemitism and Racism Panel At NAACP convention
The "Hate Has No Home Here: A Conversation on Racism, Antisemitism, and Building Bridges to Fight All Hate" panel discussion took place this past weekend in Boston at the 114th NAACP Convention. Moderated by Fox Sports 1 host Joy Taylor, the panel featured FCAS founder Robert Kraft, NAACP President Derrick Johnson, Professor Henry Louis Gates, and criminal justice reform advocate Meek Mill for an important conversation to discuss the commonalities between anti-Black racism and antisemitism, the historical relationship between Black and Jewish people, and the importance of continued solidarity amongst the two groups. 
Kraft explained that, “we have to stand together and stand proud and push back on this hate to keep the vibrancy of this country.” Speaking about the importance of building bridges between the Black and Jewish community Kraft said, “people are trying to put boulders between the Black community and the Jewish community, and we’ve always been uniquely tied together.”
Users online celebrated the conversation and emphasized the importance in building strong relationships and support between the Black and Jewish in the fight against all forms of hate. 

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#OTD (On This Day)
This week contained notable anniversaries of multiple events in history.
"Blood Tribe" 
Blood Tribe” is a neo-Nazi group with semi-autonomous chapters in the United States and Canada. This group promotes hardline white supremacist views and openly directs its vitriol at Jews, “non-whites” and the LGBTQ+ community. 

“Conversations related to Blood Tribe increased this past week after they were spotted protesting a Pride event in Watertown, Wis. over the weekend with Nazi swastika flags. Blood Tribe has protested numerous LGBTQ+ events in multiple cities over the past several months, most notably in Toledo, Ohio and Columbus, Ohio. Users were shocked how these events still take place today and shared words of solidarity with the affected communities while spreading awareness of this incident.
“Jew York”
The phrase “Jew York” has been trending this week on X, formerly known as Twitter, with almost 10,000 mentions in under two days. The term is used to suggest Jewish control of New York. Many users invoked numerous conspiracy theories about Jewish people such as the Jews are responsible for the 9/11 terrorist attack, and Jewish greed. Other users describe their feelings of horror seeing that “Jew York” was trending multiple times on X and voiced their disappointment that this speech is allowed on the app.  
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