Flex Fit Essentials
Lots of questions lately about what kind of props we use in class so here is the Essentials list!
Coming to class prepared with the correct equipment is essential to your success. Flexibility training requires a unique approach, and Flexibility Fitness is here to guide you through the entire process!
These essential Items are used in Flexibility Fitness Classes, students must get their own equipment for class. The benefit of having your own equipment is that there is no excuse not to practice all the techniques you learn at home! 
Stretch Band
Stretch band in action, helping to increase the extension, strength and balance in back split
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Ancle Weights
Yoga Blocks
Thera Band
I don't have time to drive around looking for what I need, I'm an Amazon Prime kind of girl. If you are not on Amazon Prime yet - you should be!
Lots of love,
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