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Health and Hormones
Health is a conscious balance of intellectual, physical, and emotional health. Health is not trendy. Health requires work and intelligence. Your blueprint is specific to you and so are your answers. Sleep. Stress. Nutrition. Micronutrition. Water. Hormones. These are just a few of the big players.
I don’t know a single woman who is like, “Yeah, I got this hormone thing figured out!”. Hormones have so many variables. Knowing where to start can be challenging. The current health protocol for female hormone health was created in the 1970s and studies were tested on… Ouch. Where do I start? Education and creating your hormone health history is critical to know what direction to take.
I have attached a link to “The Hormone Cure”, by Dr. Sara Gottfried, MD, that I found to be helpful. You don’t have to know everything, you just need to take your next step. There is a simple quiz that identities your biggest concerns and away you go. Hormones are quite tricky because they are changing as we change, but that doesn't mean that we just throw our hands up in the air and suffer.
In my early 30s, I knew something was off. I could feel a change in my emotions and so I went to see my OBGYN (whom I adore and respect). She ran some bloodwork and assured me that I was just a busy mom and everyone feels this way. I accepted that answer for about 15 minutes and then my gut told me there was more. Turns out, there WAS more. My body wasn’t creating testosterone and I needed to start hormone therapy.
I mention this because hormones are complex and they are interrelated. Just because something is “normal” in lab results doesn’t mean it is “normal” for you. Dig a little deeper! Educate yourself, and trust your gut! Keep searching for a practitioner who is on the same page as you. Your health and happiness is worth the work! 
Stay Wyld.
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