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Pre-pandemic, our extra room was my husband's movie room. I rarely ventured into the room except to dispose of trash, lol. Fast forward three years later, and this space has transformed into our dynamic workplace while accommodating my business and, yes, still a cozy movie haven.
Our organizing needs have also evolved in response to these changes. And still, I was trying to fit our lives into an outdated system. It proved ineffective and drained my precious time and energy.
However, I recently devoted my attention and intention to this space, implementing a new closet organization system tailored to our current needs. And amidst this process of reflection, I discovered an added desire to rearrange the furniture and even introduce fresh throw pillows!

Embracing an organized lifestyle should gift you time while fostering ease and alignment with your lifestyle.

Do you have a space in your home where you are living in a past version of your life? It may sound simple, but you can change it. I needed permission, so I am extending it to you in case you could use the gentle push.
Feel free to respond to this email and share how you are transforming a space to meet your present-day needs.

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