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I booked an appointment at Tendaka, the trendy dentist—so you don't have to First name / friend, but WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT IT BECAUSE THEY'RE FREAKING GENIUS, OKAY!?
**This is not sponsored, I'm just a girly who hadn't been to the dentist in an embarrassingly long time, so I thought I'd make an ~experience~ out of it. As a result, got a whole lotta business and marketing inspiration (in addition to being newly obsessed with my teeth). 
This dental office was a MASTERCLASS in what we mean when we talk about having excellent brand touchpoints and client experience. Let's go through it and see if there's something you can steal for your biz:
01. Their branding got me in the door—all great customer experience stories start with incredible branding, and Tend is no exception. I've known about Tend for years because they target me on Instagram constantly (and their ads are all over the subway). I could pick out their muted teal color scheme or professional-meets-friendly type suite anywhere. So when I decided it was time to finally get my teeth checked… 
02. Their sleek, aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly website got me to actually make the appointment (and keep it). Oh, you mean all I have to do is fill out this cute, short, and visually engaging little questionnaire and I'm booked? Slay.  They even prompt you to pick a TV show to watch while you get your teeth cleaned, and spoiler: it's already playing in your room when you get there.
03. Their spa-like interior design made me feel calmed, refreshed, & welcomed as soon as I arrived. I don't really get nervous about the dentist, but if I did, I would have felt so relieved to walk in that space. They even have a cute little room right in front called “The Brushery” where you can brush your teeth before going in for your exam, featuring a backwards neon sign that you can only see while looking in the mirror. 
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04. The service itself was top-notchBoth the woman who cleaned my teeth and the woman who examined them took their time to explain all the different treatments to me. They were genuinely so friendly that I couldn't even be upset when they told me I have my first ever cavity in 29 years of life (although now as I type this, I am annoyed about that, but not because of them). 
05. At the end of my visit, they gave me a little green pouch with a muted teal toothbrush and a Tend-branded toothpaste. I feel like this practice is pretty standard for dentists, but these products were branded. Like, the packaging design was stunning. If I didn't know any better, I'd think I got these items at Sephora.
06. Before I left, they helped me book my next 6-month cleaning. Tend knows it's more expensive to acquire new customers than it is to have repeat customers, and they capitalize on that. In the process, they even turned me from someone who puts off their dental visits to someone who schedules them every 6 months. (And now I'm happy to, because honestly, that place is a slay.)
If you need me this week, I'll be spending some time going over my own brand touchpoints and seeing where I can make little improvements—I hope this newsletter has inspired you to do the same! 
See ya next Tuesday!
Sarah Kleist