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Since I am as slow as molasses and juggling a whole bunch of things (unannounced projects! stuff that I can't even vaguely describe without getting into trouble! maps of Friendship!), the only new thing I can share with you is a nibble from Shucked
I hope you love it and I hope you're ask excited to meet these two as I am to share them with you!
Oh, one more thing! If you need to be transported out of the roasty toasty summer we're having in some parts of the Northern Hemisphere, allow me to point you toward Professional Development, a snowed-in, just one bed novella and The Break-In, a New Year's Eve mishap turned more short story. Enjoy!

“I like your cookies,” I said.
She tipped her head back, her eyes narrowed. “What does that mean?”
I lifted a shoulder. “It means I like your cookies.”
She watched me for a moment before that adorably evil grin spread across her face. “You didn’t think you would, right? It’s killing you to admit it.”
I stared at her mouth. “There are a lot of things killing me right now.”
Sunny looked down to where I stroked the German shepherd’s head now. His tail thumped against the floor. “Tell me two of them.”
Sunny was beautiful. I’d known that since the first morning, but seeing her up close like this turned my heart into a racehorse and that was enough to sweep every rational thought from my mind. I didn’t need self-preservation and I didn’t need to know better when I was right here. I didn’t need a damn thing.
I brought my hand to her jaw, pressing my thumb to her top lip. “One,” I said, groaning at the feel of her against my skin. I dragged my thumb to her bottom lip and died a little when I felt her tongue flick over me. “Two.”
🦪  Shucked  is coming August 22! Preorder it here!

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