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anhua heicha
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weekly tea: anhua heicha
This month's white2tea subscription yielded three grades of loose anhua heicha, which was a fun chance to see the difference between okay tea, good tea, and great tea. It wasn't even close.
Anhua Heicha is a fermented tea from the Hunan province, and if I were to describe the difference between “good” and “great” versions of this tea, most of it is feels like roughness at the back of the throat for me. The flavor is more heavy-handed, which drowns out some of the more subtle, sweet tastes that start to come out in grade one.

romance for maui
The devastation from the wildfires on Maui is heartbreaking. The death toll (as reported) is staggering, and from local reports, it seems as if it will be much higher by the time everything is accounted for. Even for those who live, the rebuilding of lives will take an immense effort.
So I'm immensely grateful to author Lucy Eden for organizing an auction so that the romance community can help those who have been harmed by this devastating catastrophe. If you like romance or crafts, this is a great auction for you. The way it works is that you bid, and if you win, you make a donation in that amount to one of five organizations that are working to help survivors. Forward your receipt to the auction organizer.
I've donated two items to this auction.
First: remember that tea that I said was one of the best teas I'd had this year? It's up for auction, along with a tea cup, and a zoom call with me where we talk about the tea or whatever you want.
Second: I have not said anything about my coming book, but it is coming very soon! I am also auctioning off an early reveal of everything. First, you'll get the name, title, cover, and description along with the first chapter, as soon as payment is verified. This will give you a (short) jump on everyone else. (Name, release date, title, and description, will be dropping in about two weeks, so this is giving you maybe a 2-3 day heads up.)
You'll also get early digital copies of the book: as it goes out to copy-editing, as it goes out for proof-reading, and the final copy of the book. You should (if I am on the ball, and I need to be on the ball) be able to get the pre-copy-edit version of this book shortly after the end of the auction (as in, I am shooting for within two to three days). To be on the safe side, I'm going to say that it will be within two to three weeks.
In addition to what I have, please check out the other listings--these include the complete works of Tessa Dare, a world building zoom call with the extraordinary Beverly Jenkins, a one-hour script review with the show runner for Sweet Magnolias, and so much more.

Just FYI: the August 30 newsletter will reveal the first details about Wedgeford Book # 2. In order to make sure that happens on schedule, the next few weeks are going to be tight for me. Wish me luck!

Until next week!
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