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Aug. 4 - Aug. 11
Jamie Foxx
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Jamie Foxx
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Actor Jamie Foxx received backlash this week for posting on his Instagram, “[t]hey killed this dude named Jesus, what do you think they’ll do to you? #fakefriends #fakelove.” 
Many people found his post antisemitic since “they killed Jesus” often refers to the antisemitic conspiracy theory that the Jews killed Jesus, which has been used to justify violence against Jews for centuries and has since been denounced by historians and religious leaders. 
In another context, this has a completely different meaning. “They killed Jesus” is a common Black colloquialism used to warn people against trusting too easily. In his apology post, Foxx explained he was recently betrayed by a close friend. 

Discussions online include Black and Jewish users sharing their experiences with the phrase Foxx used, and the message Foxx intended to convey with his post. From conversations online, users learned the importance of considering historical context and multiple perspectives when using culturally sensitive language.

Jamie Foxx
They killed Jesus
Black community

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  • Jennifer Aniston” - Related to conversation about actress Jennifer Aniston’s comments condemning Jamie Foxx’s post after liking his Instagram post.
  • #Gestapo,” “Donald Trump,“FBI raid” - See below.
  • Child trafficking” - Related to discussions of a conspiracy theory that the Rothschild family is involved in human trafficking.
  • Elon Musk,” - Refers to discussion driven by Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.) about Elon Musk following a racist account on X, formerly known as Twitter.
  • “#ItWasAScam” - Refers to criticism of the UK Labour Party and Jeremy Corbyn’s alleged antisemitism.
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David miller
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David Miller, a former professor at the University of Bristol in England, was condemned this week for claiming that Jews are overrepresented in positions of power and do not face discrimination. In a post on X Miller wrote “Judeophobia barely exists these days” and said he will begin drawing up lists of names and positions of Jews to back up his assertions. 
Miller has a history of spewing antisemitic rhetoric. He was fired from his position at The University of Bristol in October 2021 after he claimed that the Jewish society on campus was “being used as political pawns by a violent, racist foreign regime engaged in ethnic cleansing.” Miller has made multiple anti-Zionist comments in the past but has recently been attacking Jews more directly.
Many people online voiced their outrage against Miller and his most recent comments and shared his well-documented past spewing antisemitic messages.

David Miller
Lists of Jews
University of Bristol

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#Gestapo was trending this week after a 75-year old man was killed during an FBI raid in Provo, Utah after he posted numerous death threats on social media against President Biden. People posted #Gestapo to criticize the FBI for their actions.
This follows an emerging troubling trend where “Gestapo” is being increasingly used to describe unpopular law enforcement actions. In June, a large number of people referred to the Department of Justice and law enforcement as the “Gestapo” in the wake of former President Donald Trump’s indictment. Earlier this year, Trump himself called the FBI the “Gestapo” on social media.
Comparing the actions of the FBI to the Nazi police force involved in the systematic genocide of 14 million people during World War II distorts and denys the Holocaust and dismisses the horrors associated with the real Gestapo, misrepresenting the term as an acceptable way to express opposition to law enforcement activity.

FBI raid
Donald Trump
Joe Biden


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Neo-Nazis in New England
Reports of prominent neo-Nazi groups finding homes in New England have been emerging this past week. Prominent neo-Nazi and ex-Marine Christopher Pohlhaus bought land off a small town in Maine which he said he plans to use as a base for a whites-only neo-Nazi camp. Several news reports suggest the camp will be a training and fitness facility for his followers. Experts are also warning that a neo-Nazi group local to New England NSC-131 is growing and becoming more dangerous, including growing participation among U.S. Military veterans. NSC-131 members receive fitness and firearm training instruction by military veterans in preparation to fight their enemies in a future civil war they envision.  

These reports are part of a growing phenomenon of the militarization of neo-Nazi groups and reiterates the need to raise awareness and stand up to Jewish hate as well as all forms of hate.   
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