Hello, First name / my friend!
Shucked is live in ebook and paperback!
It’s finally Shucked day! It feels like I’ve had this book inside my head for decades and now it gets to be in your head too! We get to share the swoons and the angst and the utter mayhem that is life in Friendship, Rhode Island. 
Here’s what I told my editor when she looked over Shucked for the first time: “It’s bananas and I know it’s bananas and I think we want it to be bananas because it’s so much fun.” That was my hope for this book: lots of fun. There is spice and banter (my god, the banter) and vulnerability and tension and so many other good things. I hope you love it!
I’d started out with the idea of creating a singular mood board for Shucked but promptly discovered that I had too many gorgeous images to cram it all into one wee collage. So, I made four! One each for Sunny and Beckett, and then a pair for the businesses we get to know so well.
Image item
Image item
Image item
Image item
I can’t wait for you to read it! I think you’re going to love this one.
Stay well, my friend!
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🦪 The ebook and paperback are both live!
🎧 The audio is happening as we speak and I’ll ring all the alarm bells when I have narrators and a release date that I’m allowed to share.
Audio: the absolute MINUTE I get approval to share info, I will.
🧡 If you’d like to use any of my graphics to post on socials about Shucked, you can find the Google Drive here!
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