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Navigating Transitions & Embracing Change
My world is currently a whirlwind of transition. If you're a parent, especially with kids in school, I'm sure you can relate. 
Our summer has been a patchwork quilt of activities and responsibilities. With each day presenting its unique set of challenges and surprises, our schedule has been anything but routine. From overseeing my kids' schedules to making a switch back to a nanny, it's like a dance of coordinating moving parts.

And can we talk about the start of school? My oldest embarked on her high school journey, marking yet another chapter of change. But amidst the chaos and transitions, I've been reminded of a valuable lesson – it takes extra energy and patience to navigate new territories

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Grandma's Wisdom
My  family spent some time with my 93-year-old grandma this past weekend, and I asked her what advice she has for this stage of life. She said, “Your kids copy your attitude.” Simple, yet incredibly wise. Our household, our families, our businesses, the communities we lead – they copy our attitude. We are influencing the atmosphere for everyone around us. And, as parents, we hold a unique power to shape how our family faces the world and the changes we face.

5 Principles for Life's Transitions
In my own life, I've learned to accept that it's okay not to have everything perfectly aligned. It's about adjusting, learning, and making space for the unfamiliar. As I move through these shifts, I've embraced a few key principles that might resonate with you too:
1. Give it time: I've found that it takes about six weeks for everything to settle into place during times of change. So, if you're feeling like things are all over the place, give it time. Each week gets a bit easier, and eventually, you'll find your rhythm.
2. Anchor with your Minimums: Amidst the whirlwind, I've held onto my minimums – those non-negotiable tasks that keep me grounded. Setting these anchors has helped me maintain a sense of balance and accomplishment, even when everything else feels chaotic.
3. Make Connections: One poignant realization has been that my older kids don't always ask for my time the way my younger ones do. It's less about direct requests and more about creating opportunities for connection, conversation, and being present.
4. Embrace Reflection: As we transitioned beds and rooms around in our home, I felt a mix of emotions. Nostalgia for the past, excitement for the future – these feelings are natural when change happens. Taking a moment to reflect and process has been incredibly valuable.
5. Celebrate the Good: Amidst the upheaval, there's also been beauty. I've learned to cherish the unexpected joys that surface, like my high schooler's enthusiastic text about her first day. These moments remind us that even amidst the chaos, life has a way of sprinkling blessings.

As you navigate your own transitions, whether they're related to family, work, or personal growth, remember that you're not alone. Change can be challenging, but it also brings new opportunities, fresh perspectives, and the chance to evolve.
Keep your attitude positive, anchor yourself with your minimums, and cherish the moments of connection that come your way. Embrace the journey – the highs, the lows, and everything in between.
Sending you strength and support as you navigate your own whirlwind of change. 

You've got this,
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