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August 2023 vol. 4

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As reported last week, our walk-in freezer has been out of commission.  We moved most of our product to cold storage and have been able to fill most orders with what we moved into our reach in freezers here at the ranch.  I called Ryan with Air Pro Solutions to come out and take a look last week, and after an hour of troubleshooting he determined that one of the compressors had locked up and needed to be replaced.  Unfortunately, it took a week to obtain the necessary compressor and for Ryan to fit us into his schedule.
I first met Ryan when he was working for a local A/C repair company.  He seemed like a sharp guy, so I asked him if he knew anything about refrigeration systems. Not only is refrigeration a bit different than residential cooling systems, but our Bluebell freezer is a beast of its own.  It doesn’t use the standard evaporator and fan like most walk-in units.  It has “cold plates” that the refrigerant runs through.  The idea is to super-cool these massive steel plates and then unplug the unit  so you can drive around making deliveries without the product thawing.  
Though Ryan wasn’t an expert on this particular system, he was well versed in refrigeration systems, so I thought I’d keep his contact info in the event I was ever in a pinch.  About two years ago one of our cooling lines ruptured and Ryan was able to replace it and get my unit back up and running in a few hours, so when the unit went down last week, I quickly enlisted his services.  When I called him, Ryan proudly told me he had started his own business and was excited to have me as his first client.  
As the existing compressor was obsolete, I reached out to Eric at the Bluebell Creamery in Brenham TX where I bought the unit.  He gave me the data on the new model compressors, and I passed that along to Ryan to get one on order and book a time to get it installed. 
Working out of the reach-in freezers we were temporarily using to store meat here at the ranch was very cumbersome, so I was excited when Ryan showed up on Friday to install the new unit.  With me assisting, Ryan quickly got the old compressor out and installed the new one.  He also installed a new receiver/dryer and a few sensors to ensure reliable operation.  After working for four hours in the blazing sun I was ready to eager to fire it up and cool down.  
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Imagine my disappointment when we applied power to the system and it wouldn’t start!  It’s a very complicated arrangement so Ryan spent several minutes checking everything to ensure it was installed correctly.  We made a few adjustments and tightened up some wiring, but the compressor still failed to start.  Ryan was very confident that he had done everything correctly but couldn’t explain why it wouldn’t work.  The only conclusion was that the new compressor was a dud.  
Taking a closer look at it, he realized that the dealer had given him the wrong unit!  We ordered a compressor that operated on single phase power, but they supplied him one that operated on three phase power.  This was confirmed when we looked at the box and the part numbers were not what we asked for.  I was very dismayed when Ryan told me that I’d have to wait until Monday to swap out the compressors.  I’m sure Ryan was too as he had only allotted one day for the job. 
On Saturday I got a text from Ryan informing me that the supplier was open and they had the correct compressor on the shelf (thus confirming they just gave us the wrong one).  He put aside his weekend plans and headed to the ranch to try again.  As most of the work had been done on Friday, he was able to get the wrong compressor removed, and the correct compressor installed in about two hours.  With the right equipment in place the unit fired right up.  There were still a few hiccups when we ran it through some tests, but Ryan was able to make the adjustments to ensure it would operate reliably.  He also did some maintenance on the other compressor to ensure it was dependable. 
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The freezer is now up and running and not a moment too soon as I have 3 beeves and 6 lambs currently awaiting pickup at the butcher.  On Monday I have an appointment to get our meat out of cold storage so we should be back in full swing at the markets, and by the end of the week we will be fully stocked with beef, pork, and lamb.  We’re pretty low on chicken right now as we halt production during the heat of the summer.  
The best way to ensure a year -round supply of our product is to join our Buyer’s Club.  I always reserve enough for our club members to ensure they get their monthly subscription boxes.  By being a club member, not only do you get a reliable supply of delicious, pasture-raised meats, but you also get 10% off all a-la carte purchases and free admission to our annual Feast and Farm Tour. Owning a small business has a lot of challenges and Buyer’s Club Members help me manage production and ensure a reliable cash flow.  
Another small business that could use your support is Air Pro Solutions.  Ryan is in Round Rock and can be reached at (737) 259-1935 or drop him a note at airprosoutionstx@gmail.com.
See you at the market!

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We're pleased to announce the Pflugerville Pfarmers Market's permanent move to the Green Red Barn at the back of Heritage Park. Say goodbye to the hot parking lot, and hello to shaded comfort with parking available next to the barn.
Pflugerville Pfarmers Market Schedule:
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