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May your new school year be filled with wins and exciting learning goals being met by you and your students!
Start each class with some fun greetings.  There are free videos to teach polite Spanish expressions and for classmates to get to know each other. You can also greet your students once a week or each day with the following saludos like “aplausos”, “baile” y “abrazo” as the students enter your class.  You can also assign individual students to greet their classmates as they learn the expressions.  Here are all of the videos and instructions to get started!
Here are some excellent materials to get you started teaching the basics like numbers, colors, days of the week, months, birthdays, time, and subject & verb agreement.  There are lessons, notes with examples, practices, quizzes, Google slides presentations, loads of videos, and AP & IB level materials to get you going toward test success!
Also, if you like to plan ahead... here are some great resources for Hispanic Heritage Month and Day of the Dead.
We hope that your first weeks of school go smoothly.  Please contact us or tag us on social media with updates about how your year is going.  We love hearing about how our products have impacted your classes. 
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all the best in your teaching endeavors,
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