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Capital Prime September 2023 Newsletter
September 11th marks our 10 year anniversary and we can't wait to have you! Check out favorite dishes from the past decade making a reappearance during our anniversary week - be sure to make a reservation before the week fills up!

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Chef's Corner: The Flavors of Fall
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When we think of fall, we think of the delicious flavors of juicy pears and
crisp apples. These fruits are incredibly multifaceted in the kitchen. From delicious
apple pies and crisps, to sauces, ciders and marinades, these delicious flavors of fall
have it covered on all of the culinary levels!
Pears pair nicely with a variety of flavors, including cinnamon, vanilla, star
anise, or nutmeg. One of my favorite dishes to make with pears is a beautiful Tart
Tatin. Beautiful caramelized gooey cinnamon pears baked in a cast iron skillet with a
flakey pie/puff pastry type of crust. Top it with vanilla bean ice cream, or whip cream
and you will be wow’d with flavor! Such a delicious fall treat. These were often on
our brunch board, and will be again for our ten year anniversary pop up brunch! Make
sure you make a reservation.
Apples are incredibly diverse. Dip them in caramel, chop them up for a sauce
with pork chops , cook them down for a pie filling, or just pick fresh off of a tree, you
cannot go wrong. There are many types of apples that are good for different purposes.
Granny Smith apples for example, are tart and crisp making them perfect for pies. A
sweeter apple like a Gala would be too sweet for a pastry or sauce, but makes for a
great treat for lunch!
Bourbon flavor is very complex and a simple way to bring out another level
of flavor with these fruits. When it comes to making sauces or fillings for apples or
pears, bourbon is a match made in heaven. With its natural notes of caramel, vanilla,
and oak, it is a simple way to bring out the natural flavor of the fruit. I am a big fan of
infusing sauces with cinnamon sticks, vanilla beans, or a beautiful bourbon deglaze,
what a difference these simple touches make to a complex fall flavored dish!
Cheers and stay hydrated!
Jennifer Miller
Executive Chef

Through the Grapevine
Bubbles, Bubbles, Bubbles! We love celebrating special occasions with lots of bubbles! As we commemorate our 10 years of being Lansing’s finest steak and seafood restaurant, we are chilling the bottles of the bubbly for you to enjoy with us! Champagne and sparkling wines have earned their place among the bigger, bolder wines at the dinner table, as they pair with a multitude of culinary flavors.
The science of changing wine into champagne started as early as 1662. Years later, Dom Pierre Perignon, a monk who was cellar master of an abbey in Champagne, France, perfected the art of this bubbly masterpiece. It is said upon his first sampling of champagne he exclaimed: “I am drinking the stars”.
The traditional method for producing champagne involves fermenting the grapes to a base wine, then adding sugar and yeast to ferment it a second time. The double fermented wine then sits for a minimum of 15 months, up to decades, as the now-dead yeast cells modify the flavor. The dead yeast is then removed, the wine is re-corked and ready to travel to its final destination - your party!
Glassware is important with every wine as they are designed to assist in the flavor the winemaker intended. A flute is best for champagne as it allows the full effect of the bubbles to be enjoyed. So whether you like a brut (light sugar added) or a Doux (sweetest style), order a bottle on your next dining experience! 
Toast To You All!
Heather Hulett
General Manager

Wine Dinner Featuring Daou Winery

October 4th

Menu To Be Announced Soon!
Comedian Zach Martina live at Capital Prime!

Friday & Saturday September 22 & 23  at 8:30pm!

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