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We are excited to announce that upon popular demand, we are launching a new platform to bring our news and events closer to you.
Introducing MCSA on Whatsapp: We will now be sharing important news through our official Whatsapp Groups. 
Be sure to join our main Whatsapp News Bulletin for General Members:
MCSA General Forum is our official Whatsapp Group where members are encouraged to participate in conversation and respond to news and important information shared by our Mountain Club administrators and representatives. Ensure you read up on our code of conduct, which is in our group description.
We have a corresponding MCSA General News Bulletin, which is a Whatsapp Community linked to the Whatsapp Group. Any important news announcements will be pinned here. This is also locked and only administrators will be able to post here, preventing spam.

Come join us at the CityROCK Presentation Room on Wednesday 23 August at 6:45pm (for 7pm sharp) for Russ Opland's incredible talk on topping MOUNT ELBRUS, one of the seven summits and the highest peak in Russia & Europe. He'll be sharing unbelievable photographs captured there, as well as recounting the expedition in full detail. Not to be missed! 
Also, get 50% off of day-passes for CityRock when you attend our riveting MCSA talks!



News & Reminders
Our last tidbits of admin and member updates!
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Calling on all sharp-shooting members with a keen eye to submit photographs of our beautiful Magaliesberg range!
The Invasive Alien Plants of the Magaliesberg booklet is in the process of being edited. And so, for the 3rd edition we need a new cover photo. Send us your favourite photograph that depicts the splendour of Magaliesberg that we are trying to conserve.
Your photograph should be no less than 800 dpi. Email it to no later than 30 August 2023!
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Our tirelessly dedicated administrator, Dylan Labuschagne, has taken on the bold superhuman challenge to run a 80km ultramarathon around Harties Dam at the end of this month—and for every kilometre, he wants to raise R100 for our club! Click our Back-a-Buddy link if you want to support both him and the club!
Castle Gorge has a number of co-owners, with MCSA as majority shareholder (31.54%). The property is however administered by the Johannesburg Hiking Club, the fifth largest owner (6.9%). This property has sensitive access rules—access from the South is via a servitude purchased from a landowner in the area in 1996. Although access is guaranteed in perpetuity, we must abide by these rules. Please read carefully below: 
PERMITS: Permits can be optained online via QUICKET (click button below).
WHEN CAN I VISIT? As an MCSA member, you can visit any time, with the 1-member-1-guest rule applicable. Please however, be aware that MCSA and JHC have come to an arrangement where the first FULL weekend of the month (where both weekend days fall in the same month) is reserved for MCSA meets. The second FULL weekend of the month is in turn reserved for JHC meets.
The parking premises are not owned by any Castle Gorge co-owners, so please abide strictly by the following rules:
1. Only follow the foot access path to Damhoek nek and onwards to Castle Gorge.
2. Do not under any circumstances go up to any of the houses or use the road to the nek.
3. Do not park outside of the designated parkign area.
4. Do not divulge the gate code to anyone. The gate code changes every last Friday of the month.
MOST IMPORTANT: DO NOT CROSS ANY FENCES, especially the fence north of Castle Gorge onto Maretlwana. You will be trespassing. A spearate permit must be optained.
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On Saturday, members worked diligently on removing blackjack seeds into bags and scrunching up the plants, and the campsite is now much cleaner with more spots to pitch tents.
Some members returned on Sunday to remove blackjacks along the path that could potentially attach themselves to clothes and packs. Hopefully this will reduce the transport of seeds into the campsite.
We urge our members to continue to be advocates for conservation and to dispose of blackjack seeds properly. Be aware of any seeds hitching a ride with you and dispose of them into a bag to be taken home. A follow-up meet is planned for later in the year to catch sprouting blackjacks, and maybe one day fleece pajamas will be possible at our Tonquani campsite!
Thank you to everyone who participated in the conservation meet. Your hard work is appreciated!

Explore. Discover. Connect. Protect.
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Office Number:  061 461 8259 
Office Hours: Mon & Wed 15:00 - 20:00, Tues & Thurs 13:00 - 18:00, Fri 9:00 - 12:00