Hello, First name / my friend!
The response to Shucked has been unbelievable! I have been knocked over backward by all the love for Beckett, Sunny, and the town of Friendship! Thank you so, so much. 
In case you missed it: Shucked is now available in ebook and paperback, and yes, there will be audio, but I'm super bummed to report that I don't have any updates on it yet. If you're looking for the super-extended epilogue--it's my favorite extended epilogue to date--you can find it here.
One of my absolute favorite things is to see the absolute bounty of gorgeous edits and collages that that readers create, and the ones I've seen for Shucked are some of the very best yet. I wish I could show off all of them, but that would make for a very, very long message. Here are some of the first few Shucked collages that crossed my Instagram feed. Aren't they amazing?!?
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About those two questions:
  1. Will Decker get a book? Yes. Definitely! We can't leave him rolling around in the grass with broken gnome body parts, can we?
  2. What's Meara's story? I wasn't prepared for everyone to descend on Meara and The Husbands, though I'm here for it. I don't have time in my schedule the write a Naked Provisions prequel (please see above and also the as-yet-announced series currently bubbling away in my creative cauldron) HOWEVER I am certain the right moment will make itself known and I'll be able to give you a little more with those three. 
Stay well, my friend!
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🦪 The ebook and paperback are both live!
🎧 The audio is happening as we speak. More info to come!
👕 We’ve heard the interest in GET NAKED t-shirts. We’re working on it!
🧡 If you’d like to use any of my graphics to post on socials about Shucked, you can find the Google Drive here!
Typos and broken links happen. It's okay. We can do hard things.
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