Weekly DiVa | Aug 27, 2023
How was your week? Mine was somewhat eventful, unless you count the exciting purchase of new rear tires needed to pass inspection. We're in that ridiculous time of how-is-it-almost-September but also its-hot-I-don't-want-to-work. 
(But seriously, how is it almost September???)
Last week, I thought I was almost nearly done with TULLE DEATH DO US PART, and while that was a true statement at the time, now I'm even closer to being almost done! I thought this book would be a little shorter than the previous ones, but it's turning out to be pretty much the same length, which means more story for you! 
Fun fact: this series is set in a fictionalized version of San Dimas, California, which is a novelty to me because of Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. When I lived in California and went anywhere close to San Dimas, I always got a thrill when I saw the signs. If you're familiar with the movie, then you'll appreciate that, while the Circle K has been torn down in real life, it's alive and well in San Ladron, my fake town. (Some important clues are found in the trash cans outside! Assuming that scene makes the final cut. You never know what might happen before October 24 when the book comes out! Oh, the power!)
If you're wanting to kill some time before then, don't forget, you can always visit my puzzle bin. I'm back in the lead with the fastest time after someone (I'm looking at you, Sheri) dethroned me. Ah, the competition!
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One more book thing that is really more of a tease: I've been working on something special for you that I will email you about on Tuesday. It is especially for Samantha Kidd fans! So be sure to open your email from me this week! :)
(I debated talking about this, but you know I'm always honest with you, and this has been on my mind, and it might relate to you, so here you go.)
Part of my daily routine is to check to see how my books are selling. This may be a holdover from my retail buying days, as I'm very comfortable recapping sales trends on a spreadsheet! 
It used to be if I had a low sales day, I thought nobody wanted to read my books. I got depressed because I felt like a failure compared to hundreds of successful authors, and I let the “why me” pity party ensue. 
These days, if the very same circumstances occur, I tend to think the retailer reports are sluggish, and I just assume everything will update tomorrow or the next day. And it usually does. I don't let it mean anything about me or what I'm writing, because I'm writing what I love, and I hope you'll love it too.
But negative self-talk, if unchecked, can have a longer lasting impact on us. It can make us stop doing the thing we love doing. And if we look around for evidence to support that negative voice in our heads, we'll probably find it--not because it has any basis in truth, but because we see what we look for. 
When we do what I want and expect everything to turn out okay, we're much happier than when we worry needlessly about the sky falling, and that means we're better company for the people in our lives. And that means we attract more people, and that leads to things generally working out okay. 
There's the vicious cycle of doubt and the -- hold on, what's the opposite of vicious? – the gentle cycle of confidence (←-sounds like a washing machine setting.) Let's all be nicer to ourselves and choose the second one.  

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