Once in a Blue Moon…
Well, here we are
This saying comes from the rarity of two full moons in one month and this week we have our second full moon of August.
When someone asks you, what’s your Sun sign, do you relate with it? I have been thinking about this, and a lot, lately…
When we are born we are physically being birthed. When any planet gets too close to the Sun, it combusts. In a way, where the sun was when we are born, is what we are birthing into, becoming over the course of a lifetime. 
For example, I was born under an Aries Sun - this lifetime is really about learning, being bold, making mistakes, initiating and being courageous enough not to consider failing. 
The Sun right now is in Virgo. Each of the signs have masculine/feminine energies and we experience each of the twelve Sun signs throughout the seasons of the year, together. 
The Sun just moved from masculine Leo into feminine Virgo.
Virgo is precise, grounded and practical.
There is a pursuit to Virgo that yearns to feel useful to others. She is mastering the skills needed to ultimately be of service to others. After all, Libra is next and Libra balances the scales of personal needs with others. But the most important question for Virgo is how she is serving herself first?
The last five years, I have been truly gifted with being able to be a mom, heal past pain and be present to how trauma can inform future fear. 
Lately, there has been so much that has surfaced that I feel unsure, frozen at times with how much I have to share and not knowing where or how or when to do so. 
Full moons are times of culminations, celebrations and/or letting go. It's a lot to have two in one month! This weeks full moon is in the watery sign of Pisces. Pisces can show up in our lives anywhere on the spectrum from unconditional love and consciousness to self sabotage and undoing. It’s a pretty big container. And this week, we have our second ‘blue’ full moon in Pisces. 
I have had two thoughts recently that I thought were worth sharing…
‘Too pretty not to feel pretty’ is one of them. One of my secret skills is organizing closets. And it’s not just closets- I do this at the kitchen too- constantly organizing, clearing space and making room for what ingredients we want to work with. Getting back to the closest though, why have clothes hanging in your closet that don’t make you feel as pretty as you are? It’s time to let those clothes go during Virgo season. You are too pretty not to feel pretty.
And the other one is ‘full not satisfied’.
We are living in a time that just feels a bit ‘too much’. Too much noise, distraction, options and yet not enough? My goal is satisfaction while feeling light, generous and enough. I think the path towards this goal is being a bit more in the kitchen ironically.  
While Mercury is in retrograde in the Sun sign of Virgo, we are being given an extraordinary gift over the next few weeks. Turn inward and listen to the messages that are yours.
The wisdom is to allow time to reveal the truth versus perseverate on what you can be doing. It’s a dance of listening to what feels right versus what makes sense. 
I am writing this to me.
And if I am feeling this, I am sure someone else will resonate, and that someone is enough. We are the some of one in the end and always.
I was sent a Kerry Washington clip recently where she says, ‘Rejection is Gods protection’ and that you ultimately get to decide how often you pray and how willing you are to run after the bus. You can’t pray for the bus and then stroll when it passes you by. You have to run after the bus. And if you miss the bus then it wasn’t your bus…
Discipline can’t be outside of you. No one can do it for you. Initial uncomfortable things bring long term comfortable means after all.
If you are still reading this, thank you. I will be in Calistoga this Sunday, the 3rd at Solage for a pop up Harvest Market from Noon-4PM with all of ME- dressed in what makes me feel beautiful, sharing our delicious creations and courageously standing somewhat liminal waiting to greet you with warmth and wisdom.