how to remember the Spiritual Feminist you have always been

Dear First name / sister

When I created my group programme Goodbye Good Girl and opened her doors earlier this year, there was one big motivator for me to do so: 

To have a one-stop-shop to meet that inner craving for a more intuitive, aligned life. 

Until that point, I had been exploring for over three years with 1:1 clients what it meant for them to release parts of their inner Good Girl and slowly meet their Spiritual Feminist - their wild fire within. Whilst all of their journeys were incredibly unique, I also found many red threads throughout me working with them. At the core, it came down to this: 

🔥 From a very young age, they had been taught what it meant to be a ‘good girl’ and a ‘good woman’ and a ‘good human being’ and were now starting to put question marks to what they have been taught 

🔥 Naturally, from that starting point, it felt very unsafe, unfamiliar and alienating to listen to that spark within. What change would it inflict if that spark caught proper fire? Were they ready for that? Could they hold that? Were they worthy of that? 

🔥 But the bottom line always came back to the deep inner feeling that it was absolutely possible for life to feel different - to feel lit up by it, to feel fulfilled by it. And not just possible - but that they were 100% worthy of it too.

Can you relate?

This, to me, is what Spiritual Feminism is all about. I know many people, including women, get a little funny with the word ‘feminism’. Honestly, it means nothing more (and nothing less!) than shaping a world in which we all feel not just equality, but sovereignty, autonomy. 

And that often starts with taking up space with that spark within. The Good Girl can be so loud - it's often all we know. Which is why I'm so passionate about creating offerings where you can learn how to take up space with these other parts of you too - that inner spark, that inner fire, that inner Wildness, that inner Spiritual Feminist.

This is what excites me most about Goodbye Good Girl. It's a programme with life-time access (you pay once, or in 12 monthly instalments, and you're in for life!) with monthly workshops and audio mentoring, weekly check-ins and seasonal live circles (and more!). You get to approach your spiritual journey in your own way, at your own pace, whilst feeling supported in every way possible - not just from me, but from likeminded sisters too! 

If you are curious about the programme and how it may be able to support you, I've got something very exciting to share with you today. For the programme, I create monthly workshops with different themes - and the first, ‘core’ workshop as I like to call it, is all about learning how to embody your inner Spiritual Feminist (and say goodbye to your Good Girl!). Which you can now find, for free, below! 

Other workshops include learning more about the nervous system and tending to your needs, empowering your cyclical ways, diving deep into shadow work and lot's more to come too - check out here what you can be looking forward to inside the programme!

Workshops inside Goodbye Good Girl work as follows: there's a video deep dive (and you can also just check out the slides separately and/or listen to the audio only version) and a guided workbook. Then, as part of this workshop, there's an additional visualisation practice too. 

You can find all of it in this email - so dive straight in below or save it for later! 

Goodbye Good Girl
Workshop #1:
Embodying the Spiritual Feminist Archetype
remembering the Spiritual Feminist you've always been
& leaving the Good Girl you thought you were
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make sure to download a copy to your desktop to start typing away!

feeling inspired?
Goodbye Good Girl opens her doors next week - but if you're on the waitlist, you get a special invitation AND early bird discount this Sunday already. Want in? Get yourself on the waitlist here. 

And sister, I totally get if the journey right now feels overwhelming. Sometimes there's so much change and/or inner work that feels like it needs to get done, you hardly know where to begin. So I hope when you get the change, the workshop offers you an anchor. And if you can't dive into it right away, let me close this love letter by giving you something to muse on. 

If trust had a place in your body, where would it reside? 

And how can you give that part of you a little extra love?

Because giving attention to all parts of you - also those parts that we don't always know how to tap into but we will definitely need on our journey of healing & empowerment - is already embodying your inner Spiritual Feminist. 

All of you is welcome here. And I'm celebrating you for every step, however tentative, towards your own inner fire. You got this! 

Talk soon sister, 
x Leneth

Everything you need,
you already carry within.