Semi-grating or Emigrating? 
Hello A-Listers
Everywhere you look, read, or chat, one hears of the mass exodus. People are running to the Immigration Office faster than the Springboks over the All Blacks try line.
Now this is not the forum to debate the pros and cons, it is what it is.
Here’s the thing though – many of these folk are business owners, so what do you do with your business? Lose interest as you focus on your move and consciously or subconsciously disconnect? Shut it down after all your hard work, blood, sweat, and tears OR engage with an expert, get great advice and sell your business!
There are practical steps to follow that us, as business owners, don’t even know about :
  • How to prepare your business for a sale
  • The importance of accurate financials
  • Ensuring SLA’s (Service Level Agreements) are in place
  • Is there a lease – no lease, no sale
  • Get a proper evaluation for your business – an accurate one – you might be pleasantly surprised!
  • Don’t just close, explore even getting a partner or selling to employees
  • How to phase yourself out whilst keeping the business sustainable
  • Consider Franchising if it’s a good blueprint
Seriously, when I sit in these meetings, I really wish I knew this so many years ago which is why I’m passionate about sharing this information and passing it on – someone can benefit! Chances are you know someone in this boat right now – enlighten them!
So, whilst you might be dusting off your suitcase, dreaming of your new life in the Bahamas, fantasising about sipping cocktails with mountain or ocean views, joking about not going to miss the potholes, take time to give Nic a call. He is honestly so knowledgeable, and my feeling is that NO-ONE should close or sell a business without speaking to this guy. 
I have referred 4 friends to Nic and he has been an amazing resource and guide. Thank me later!
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TOY-ing with where to shop? 
It’s been years since I’ve needed to shop for a toy, but how impressed I was when I popped into Edu-Kidz Toy Shop and Balloon Bar in Kloof Village Mall (upstairs next to the post office), after meeting the awesome owner, Olivia!
They position themselves as a family-owned retail business that brings laughter and fun to kids. How can one not love that? Also, you know how passionate I am about supporting small businesses as opposed to huge corporate chain stores. When you support a family-run business, your spend makes a difference!
Good toys for kids vary based on their age, interests, and developmental stage, and Edu-Kidz has something for everyone – I, for example, fell in love with their Unicorn collection. There are games, puzzles, Lego, beautiful wooden music boxes, kiddies books by local authors, hand made cards and so much more.
There are even interactive fun things to do in store – not just shelves packed with product.
Apart from the range of ages and interests they cater for, I also appreciated the fact that they have something to suit every budget! Whether it’s a big birthday spoil or a simply wanting to buy a little “reward” or “well done on your great report” prezzie, they have it all.
They also have the most amazing range of balloons that are….wait for it…..BIODEGRADABLE! How incredible is that?!
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A-Listers, sign up for their monthly newsletter –, join their Facebook page, and stand a chance to win monthly prizes. They have the coolest resident Minion and your kids get a FREE balloon from him when you visit, PLUS you get FREE WRAPPING PAPER! What are you waiting for?
Please support this amazing family business – perfect prezzie stop for all the kids you know, the birthday parties you buy for, and Christmas is around the corner! Let’s not forget the balloon bar - Balloons for all occasions that don’t harm the environment and marine life! What a win! 
Happy shopping!

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