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MCSA General Forum is our official Whatsapp Group where members are encouraged to participate in conversation and respond to news and important information shared by our Mountain Club administrators and representatives. Ensure you read up on our code of conduct, which is in our group description.
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Eagle Breeding SEASON
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The end of the official Verreaux Eagle breeding season is 1 September. We are still monitoring the Bronkies nest. A parent is still sitting on the nest. Dome South has a chick on the nest. This chick may not have fledged yet, please keep clear until the end of September at least.
Crags OPEN for Climbing (1 September):

BRONKIES STILL CLOSED (until further notice)
DOME SOUTH STILL CLOSED (until further notice)
If you would like to share information about the Eagles please contact Tam Scheidegger!



News & Reminders
Our last tidbits of admin and member updates!
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Calling on all sharp-shooting members with a keen eye to submit photographs of our beautiful Magaliesberg range!
The Invasive Alien Plants of the Magaliesberg booklet is in the process of being edited. And so, for the 3rd edition we need a new cover photo. Send us your favourite photograph that depicts the splendour of Magaliesberg that we are trying to conserve.
Your photograph should be no less than 800 dpi. Email it to no later than 30 August 2023!
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I wanted to take a moment to express my deepest gratitude for everyone's incredible support and generosity towards our fundraising campaign for the Dome acquisition. Your contributions and support were instrumental in exceeding our goal, and I'm thrilled to share that we've raised more than R11,000 – a true testament to the power of community and shared vision.
Thanks to your belief in our cause, we are now closer than ever to making the Dome dream a reality and with that you will be happy to hear the Dome Pools property was finally registered in the name of the Magaliesberg Section of the MCSA on Friday 25 August 2023! Your kindness has not only touched my heart but also the entire Mountain Club of South Africa Johannesburg Sections. The impact of your support will resonate for years to come, enhancing the experiences of all our members and enriching the outdoors we hold dear with an important asset in the Magaliesberg, both for conservation and recreational purposes.
Now for an update on my race, I ran a total of 71km in just shy of 15 hours before the race organisers had to call the race due to concerns for our safety. This has left a fire burning in me. Next year I will look to run every ultra-marathon SA has on offer including distances upwards of 100 and 200 miles, so watch this space!
Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for standing by us, for believing in our mission, and for contributing to a brighter future. Your generosity will forever be cherished.
-Dylan Labuschagne, Official administrator for MCSA JHB
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The intrepid members that joined Castle Gorge Meet, scaled chossy cliffs, leopard crawled under clawing brambles with their knees sinking into ashy peat and learnt how to really immerse themselves in Nature. 
They sharpened their eyes to differentiate between a resprouting pompom and a baby helichrysum, taking out about 200 pompom and 200 verbena in the burnt areas around the campsite. Now they know that Jerusalem and Cascade are free from flowering Crofton. 
Dry Gully (nervous twitch and anxiety attack) needs a return as we only managed to cover its upper reaches. This is a war, where we choose not to be bystanders but rather to fight for, with and on the side of the mountain.
Photographers: Deon Fawell, Lourens Botha and Nicky Stapelberg.
Castle Gorge has a number of co-owners, with MCSA as majority shareholder (31.54%). The property is however administered by the Johannesburg Hiking Club, the fifth largest owner (6.9%). This property has sensitive access rules—access from the South is via a servitude purchased from a landowner in the area in 1996. Although access is guaranteed in perpetuity, we must abide by these rules. Please read carefully below: 
PERMITS: Permits can be optained online via QUICKET (click button below).
WHEN CAN I VISIT? As an MCSA member, you can visit any time, with the 1-member-1-guest rule applicable. Please however, be aware that MCSA and JHC have come to an arrangement where the first FULL weekend of the month (where both weekend days fall in the same month) is reserved for MCSA meets. The second FULL weekend of the month is in turn reserved for JHC meets.
The parking premises are not owned by any Castle Gorge co-owners, so please abide strictly by the following rules:
1. Only follow the foot access path to Damhoek nek and onwards to Castle Gorge.
2. Do not under any circumstances go up to any of the houses or use the road to the nek.
3. Do not park outside of the designated parkign area.
4. Do not divulge the gate code to anyone. The gate code changes every last Friday of the month.
MOST IMPORTANT: DO NOT CROSS ANY FENCES, especially the fence north of Castle Gorge onto Maretlwana. You will be trespassing. A spearate permit must be optained.

Explore. Discover. Connect. Protect.
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