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You can register for my upcoming 6-week Beginner and Sing & Sign classes on Tuesdays & Wednesdays at Kits CC here
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You can register for my upcoming 6-week Virtual classes on Zoom and On-Demand  here
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Join me on Zoom for weekly live baby sign classes with other families on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays inside the Kinedu app. 
Click here to start your free trial.
No time?
My virtual classes are pre-recorded and ready to watch anytime, with forever access for your growing family to return to again and again. Filmed live, you feel like you're in an in-person class from the comfort of home! We sign, sign, and play to boost language and bonding. 
Once registered, you'll receive a link to access our private learning hub where all of our classes are held, with an easy search function to find any sign in our class videos, too!
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You'll never regret boosting communication as a family!
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Please let me know if you have any questions, 
I'm happy to help.

Don't want to wait to learn how to sign with your baby?
Join my pre-recorded Beginner Baby Sign Language course inside my private Facebook group and start learning right now. You get 6 video lessons, 6 sing-along printable song sheets, 6 music playlists, and unlimited access to me for questions. You will be singing, signing, and enjoying early communication with your little one in no time.
 Learn virtually with the ease and effectiveness I know how to bring.
It's not tricky, and you can start now.
*Need to learn the basics quickly? 
Start with my 1-hour Baby Signing 101 with Clarity, Confidence & Calm virtual class inside Facebook and learn 12 perfect starter signs and how to teach them to your baby with ease.
everything we needed!
This course is the highlight of being at home together, we love learning at our own pace and Fitz smiles and claps for the moon song every time! Seriously everything we needed to start signing and it's working! I can't thank you enough, Lee Ann!  -mama Tonia

Come follow along!
*My website has a page for FAQ's, drop-in classes, my full class schedule and more.
Word of mouth is my favourite way to meet new clients because they're always so excited for their babies to learn signs like you! Please feel free to tell them all about our classes.
I keep active on Facebook and my heart is with Instagram to keep you learning about signs and signing with your families.