50 Shades of Grey… 
When you meet up with a friend and she says.. "ooh I see you haven't had time to go for a touch up either", you don't know whether to hug her for her honesty, or lash out with some choice expletives, especially given that there has been much deliberation when looking in the mirror, root sprays and 2 visits to a fabulous salon to embrace the transition. So many of my friends have embraced their grey hair and look fabulous so I had the following realisations:
  • It was costing me a fortune for touch ups every 2 weeks to hide my grey "alice band"
  • I have earned EVERY single grey hair
  • I'm grateful to have lived long enough to get grey hair
  • I still have hair!
I'm not vain BUT…yoh, this transition is not for sissies. (Would love to hear from fellow "Grey Hair Don't Care" sisters and have joined every Facebook support group LOL). I'm not going to lie, the mirror and seeing photos are a challenge!  I sometimes feel it might be 10 years too soon, but the decision has been made and I am delighted to have found a true master of his trade, Donald, who owns Bespoke Hair Salon in Durban, to hold my hand through this journey.
I have visited many salons in my day, had the highlights that turned Nik Nak orange, the good and bad head massages, (and even did the mobile story where I washed and swept up my own hair 😞), so it is with confidence and authority that I give Bespoke 5 stars!
Safe parking, classy décor, super spacious, amazing stylists and staff, coffee served with a little silver milk jug on a tray, and the whole experience just feels like a salon spoil should. Queenie is Donald's assistant - elegant, engaging and just wonderful! The basin experience was next level as she even did a full on neck massage. Being who I am, and doing what I do, I watched ALL the stylists, and the product of what left their chairs, and every single one made me go WOW, even the way they blow dried and styled an old granny's hair who was visiting from Sandton. These are true professionals, and life is too short to drink bad wine or have an underwhelming hair salon experience. Besides, your hair is the first thing people see!
Oh, how exciting, they've also just launched Bespoke Express, a quick blow wave bar where you can whizz in for a weekly blow dry / iron for any length hair at just R100!! No reason not to look fab.
Fear not, boys, Donald, Grant and the team are also fab with men's haircuts - all inclusive here!
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Pink Petal Pampers 
I have been fortunate enough to visit hundreds of spas (for work and pleasure), and am known to enjoy a good spa spoil, so it was with delight that I embarked on a visit to Pink Petals Health and Beauty Clinic, situated upstairs in the Village Mall in Kloof. I loved the convenient location and classiness of it all. (A far cry from my worst ever salon visit in a converted garage that had a dripping ceiling and smelt like wet dog). This was my vibe. In retrospect, I’ve never been a huge supporter of in-mall salons, but the gorgeous décor and wonderful owner, Vanessa, and her team, changed my mind.
My salon experience was wonderful, I was greeted warmly, offered a COMPLIMENTARY coffee and choc chip cookie, and even a warm wheaty bag for my neck to help me relax whilst having my pedi.
The music was pleasant, the pedi chair super comfy, and the ladies were just lovely! I have been to some salons where the therapist had her “Home Affairs face” on, which is not my favourite. Vanessa did my eye brow wax and was incredibly warm and professional. Phumzile did my pedi, and what a wonderful job she did! At one stage I thought she might need an angle grinder to deal with my heels after their sad state of neglect (aka my busy schedule), yet she did her thing, gave me a wonderful foot massage, helped me pick a beautiful bright polish and I left the salon feeling open toe shoe ready again! What a feeling. I never saw the much hyped Barbie movie but did opt for bright pink Barbie polish cos…why not?! I see the salon even has a Barbie and Bubbles Friday – a discount on pink polish and free glass of pink bubbles – how cool!
Pink Petals is a beautiful space with quite a few rooms, a lovely bathroom, and friendly, experienced ladies, I really recommend you give them a try. They cater for all ages and honestly have something for everyone.
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The treatment menu is comprehensive, and the prices very affordable. Do your shopping, renew your car licence, have lunch, shop AND have a visit to Pink Petals all under one roof, you will leave the salon feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, destressed and BEAUTIFUL!
Spoil yourself, take a friend, buy a gift voucher, AND get their loyalty card.
I clearly loved my pedi at Pink Petals as I have already pre-booked my next one, life is too short to have cracked heels and neglected toes….right?
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