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Yesterday I was thinking about GoLive!  - and specifically about what I might say to the participants to kick off the weekend.  I feel like it merits some serious thought so I don't waste anyone's time.  It's alot of people! 
I'm so thrilled at the number of attendees this year!  Over TWO TIMES that of last year with more registrations coming in.  Yay!  People get it!!  
As a “belly dancer” - working with live music is so important!  As an AMERICAN “belly dancer”, in my opinion, even MORE so.  I feel like most of us American-born-with-non-Arab-roots dancers work hard - and some of us very hard - to find our place; to achieve a level of understanding that allows us to respectfully, yet personally, execute the movements, express the emotions, and interpret the music of the Arab world - the music that drives this dance that we, sometimes inexplicably, have come to love. 
And I have witnessed firsthand the phenomenal depth reached by myself and my dance students when we use LIVE music - by creative, masterful musicians - as our means to that understanding, expression, and interpretation.  At this point, quite honestly, I don't know how a dancer can fully achieve the same results otherwise.
So yes.  I am THRILLED that we have so many attendees at GoLive!  Just like I'm thrilled to see how many events are starting to take place all over the country to live music!  
But I know there is a deeper opportunity in it all;  one that certainly didn't occur to me until I was YEARS beyond my “dancing to live music” night club experience!  
And ten years ago, the realization of that opportunity is what gave birth to Project Band.
Project Band is ONE FULL YEAR of immersion in the idea of using live music to inspire, reveal, refine, develop, expand, educate, and invigorate YOU, the dancer!
It sounds like alot.  
It is.  
And it works.
  • Registration for the Project Band 2023-2024 “school year” will be open from September 4 through October 31 or until the class fills up - whichever comes first.
  • Space is necessarily limited.  
  • Participation exists at 4 levels - per the diagram below.
  • Click the green button below for MUCH more information including pricing and the answers to the top 20 FAQs.
  • Click the orange button below to schedule a quick 15 minute chat with me about how it might work for you.
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A "performahearsal" is an event that feels like a performance but it's really a rehearsal.

It's difficult for most dancers to frame anything to live music - especially if it's in public - as practice of any kind.  Chances to dance to live music are usually so rare.  They don't want to sacrifice the "good time" or miss a chance to show their best moves (regardless of musical relevance) to execute a deliberate exercise that would expand their movement vocabulary.

But this is Project Band!

Participation at the LOWEST level offers 16 opportunities to dance to professional live music in a year; at the HIGHEST level - 64 opportunities!!

You can afford to perform AND rehearse at the same time for a while to reap HUGE rewards!!  
We already have the 2023-24 dates SET for our Project Band Kickoff and for our quarterly live music Tripleheader Performahearsals:
Nov 3-5 - Project Band Kickoff
Jan 12-14
Apr 12-14
July 12-14
Oct 4-6 - GoLive! 2024
It's going to be a GREAT school year!
Karen Barbee