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💪🏽 Why is “playing bigger” so tough?
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💌 Meet Danielle Tucker, strategist for speakers
I’m wrapping up a six month coaching program that has nothing to do with business. Or maybe it does - since everything is connected? 
(I’ll let you be the judge of that, First name / friend.)
Since April, I’ve worked with a “macro-nutrient” coach on my eating. It wasn’t about dieting though. I wanted 1:1 coaching support to get bigger, lift heavier things off the ground, and take up more physical space in the world. 💪🏽
Which is really tough. Because you’re going against societal conditioning meant to keep women from playing bigger.  
Internalized messages like:
😠 “If you get too big and strong, you'll scare the men! Wouldn't you rather just be approachable and agreeable instead?”
😠 “Why don't you leave some of the resources for other people? Opportunities are limited and scarce, you know."
😠 “Women shouldn’t take up too much space. It's selfish. Overbearing. Unnatural.”
Eating in a way that makes you stronger and bigger isn’t rocket science. You can Google it and find all kinds of resources.
Building a strong presence and bigger audience on LinkedIn … also isn’t rocket science, First name / friend. I won't pretend it is. 
But it’s still hard doing it on your own. Because we live in systems that explicitly and implicitly tell us not to.
As a LinkedIn ghostwriter, I've written content that generated thousands of dollars in business for other consultants and small business owners.
But I’d rather teach you how to do it … and then serve as a portal of possibility as you keep saying “no thx” to internalized imposter thoughts and build a strong, kickass personal brand on LinkedIn.  
Playing bigger makes every other area of your business (and life) easier. And more fulfilling. 
That’s why I’m getting so excited for the October LinkedIn Content Sprint, which includes unlimited 1:1 copy coaching. 🤩 
It's part strategy, part cheerleading, and all action. Sometimes, I'll share feedback to maximize your LinkedIn content and other times, all you need is a little pep talk.
Either way, copy coaching will help build your confidence and the consistency to keep showing up (even after the Sprint is over.)
While I can't audit every post that's submitted, I'll select 5-10 posts that everybody can learn something valuable from. Plus, you'll get a taste for how I provide copy coaching during the Sprint. 
Every week on LinkedIn, I'm highlighting a client from April's Sprint. You'll learn more about the transformation they provide and how their consistent visibility on LinkedIn scales their impactful business. 
Learn more about Danielle Tucker, who strategically designs speaker brands, websites, and marketing materials to empower visionaries to be seen, heard, and PAID to speak and share their message with the world.
October's LinkedIn Content Sprint supports social impact entrepreneurs in batching 6 months of strategic, timeless, and re-purposable thought leadership posts for LinkedIn that build trust and attract inbound opportunities. 
The Sprint opens for registration on Sep 19th and there will be 20 spots available.  Learn more or hop on the waitlist here!
Until next week … thanks for being here.
P.S. You may have noticed this email didn't include a weekly ‘Lazy on LinkedIn tip." 
That’s because I want to hear from YOU on what kinds of tips you'd most want to hear. Content tips? Lead gen tips? Profile tips? Something else? Reply and let me know!