Hello, First name / my friend!
Here we are in September again! It's been just over two weeks since Shucked arrived and the love keeps pouring in! Thank you so much for coming back to Friendship, Rhode Island with me! 
I have some unbelievably gorgeous images from very talented creators to share with you, plus some more Shucked love, and a bit of what I've been reading/watching recently. A little gift for you too!
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Image Description: Aesthetic collages for Shucked from incredible creators @lewsbooks, @federeads, @chn.is.reading, and @ravenousreader
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What I'm reading: You know those lawful/neutral/chaotic alignment charts? Okay, so, I'm always in the chaos column and that's why I'm often found reading many books in many formats, all at once. It's fine. I'm used to a lot of people talking in my head at once. For reference, please see: the townsfolk of Friendship, RI or the entire Walsh family. 
Now that you've been adequately warned…
Audio: You, with a View by Jessica Joyce and The Karma Map by Nisha Sharma (in KU!). These books have been excellent companions through many hot, summery miles.
Ebook: I'm devouring the Twisted series by Ana Huang (in KU) and the Bergman Brothers series by Chloe Liese. If you want to be sucked into a different world, these series will do that to you.
Paperback: I just unhinged my jaw and gulped down True Love Experiment by Christina Lauren on the beach and then Forget Me Not by Julie Soto by the pool. Forget Me Not will go down as one of my top favorites of 2023. I'm probably going to reread it and then come back and give you an extensive accounting of why it's so soft and wonderful.
What I'm watching: I'm still obsessed with Derry Girls and watching it, start to finish, over and over. Add in some Suits, Wednesday, Fisk (one of my favorite Australian exports since Bluey), Mythic Quest, and AP Bio but I also need to talk to you about this YA movie called The Slumber Party which is--I'm not joking--The Hangover with 14 year-old girls. It was a ridiculous delight.
Here's what you should be reading because it's my gift to you this month: Sinner by Sierra Simone! This book is steamy, intense, funny, heartwarming, devastating, and emotional. It's a lot of things but Mother Sierra has a way of delivering on big promises. Enjoy ❤️
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🦪 The ebook and paperback of Shucked are both live!
🎧 I'm going to stop talking about the Shucked audio until I have an update (grrrrr). (yes, people really do growl. I do it all the time.) (no, it's not weird.) (let's leave this space open for future growls.)
👕 We're working on the GET NAKED t-shirts! Updates to come!
🧡 I will be signing at the Sweetgrass Event in Charleston, SC in March 2024. I hope to see you there!
Typos and broken links happen. It's okay. If the earth is very hot and fragile, so are we.
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