Today we’re talking about alcohol.
Alcohol does not cause problems… 
it is a problem.
My goal today is to bring up a topic that a lot of people either avoid discussing, or flat out lie about. But you and I both know that is not how growth happens, so that’s why I bring it up.
Because of that, today I want to discuss something that will challenge your thought process, hopefully provoke some feelings, and maybe even trigger you, but I swear it is worth your attention.
Today we’re talking about alcohol.
Alcohol does not cause problems; it is a problem. And we just willingly invite it into our lives. 

Answer this question for yourself: When you fill out a health questionnaire or talk to a doctor and they ask you about your alcohol consumption, what do you tell them? Do you tell them the prescribed answer of 2 per day, or are you actually honest with them?
Here is a statistical fact – 1 in 5 of you are going to lie about your consumption levels. I’ve read reports that claim over 20% of people lie about how much alcohol they consume. That is terrifying! And these are the people that actually talk about it…most never do, which means the real number is probably much higher.
I completely understand that alcohol is a part of the “American lifestyle”. People consume it as a way to unwind, relax, have fun, socialize, or possibly to cope with stress, celebrate, or even as a reward. We’re taught that it’s harmless as long as we do it in moderation.
Listen…liquor companies, breweries, and wineries are not non-profit organizations. Far from it. They are all very much for profit, and they don’t profit unless they sell more alcohol than they did the year before. So, ask yourself, do they really want you to “enjoy responsibly”, or is it just lip service? Moderation hurts their business model, so I think you get where I’m going with that.
We all have shit days sometimes. For some people, the first thing they want to do is catch a buzz to help get over it. Here’s the thing, while you’re feeling all numb and tingly for an hour or two, do you know what those sensations are actually doing to your body? 
let’s face it: 
most of us struggle with moderation
First, alcohol is a diuretic, so it dehydrates you. In addition, it damages the liver, increases your blood pressure (why drinkers get red in the face sometimes), it weakens your immune system, and disrupts the body’s normal sleeping patterns.
But wait, there’s more.
What alcohol does to the body is nothing compared to what it does to your brain. That harmless buzz you get after work isn’t all that harmless. Alcohol destroys your neurotransmitters which regulate your mood, memory, and behavior.
Before you say that’s just being drunk, it is, but there is more going on under the surface. Our brains have millions of neurons which are the cells that make up the brain. Alcohol actually reduces the size of them. So scientifically, yes, you can drink yourself stupid. 
Why do you think I say that alcohol is stupid…if you struggle with moderation?
Because let’s face it: most of us struggle with moderation.
In fact, moderation can be considered a trap and here’s why: the human body is built on habits, no matter how healthy or unhealthy they are. Moderation also has a very small margin for error. Yet moderation is what the alcohol industry wants you to believe in. Just enjoy the benefits without the consequences, right?
Wrong again.
Alcohol is addictive. It hooks you in with its promise of pleasure and relief, but then takes over and makes you dependent on it for happiness and comfort. It gets you stuck in the vicious cycle of craving and consumption which is hard to break. Remember, we are built on habits.
be fun…sober. be ‘sober fun’
You deserve better. You deserve more. And you deserve to be free from alcohol.
And you can be. In fact, you can quit it for good.
Imagine how powerful you’ll feel when you reclaim your health, happiness, and freedom? You can live a life of purpose, passion, and fulfillment, and be the best version of yourself for those that need you the most (including yourself).
You can be sober, and I want to help you on your journey.
Let’s be real, if you know deep down that you need to cut alcohol out of your life, you are not alone. You are not the only one who wants to quit alcohol and you are not the only one who struggles with alcohol. You’re not even the only one who has doubts and fears about quitting. Why do you think Alcoholics Anonymous has over 2 million members and 115,000 groups operating worldwide?
After all, if you quit alcohol, what would you really be depriving yourself of, a good time? If you feel like you need alcohol to have a good time, stop reading right now, go back to the beginning, and read this all over again from the top.
Some of you have questioned why I’m so militant about abstaining from alcohol. Remember my last letter and video about the importance of your inner circle? For years, one of the people in my inner circle struggled with alcohol, and I mean it was bad. It completely devastated my inner circle at the time, and it took me a long time to process that.
With all of that being said, there really is just one last question: are you ready?
time is precious, and alcohol is stealing it from you.
Are you ready to change your life for the better and quit alcohol for good?
That is not a rhetorical question. If you’re ready to at least talk about it and consider it, I want you to respond back to me with a simple “YES”. If you’re not, I’m interested to know why. I don’t judge – that’s not my role in life. So, if you’re not ready to drop alcohol, I’d like you to respond back “NO”, and please let me know why.
Why do I do this?
Simple, I give a shit about you. I really do.
But don’t take too long to decide. Time is precious, and alcohol is stealing it from you.
Don’t let it. Don’t let it rob you of your life, your potential, and don’t let it make you a worse partner, parent, or person. You know it can ruin your home, your health, and your happiness, so don’t let it be your problem. Life already gives us plenty of shit to deal with, why add this?

Put alcohol in your past and make sobriety your present.
You have the power to choose, so choose wisely, soberly, and most importantly, choose now.
I’m waiting for your reply.
I'll see you in the next one,
-Steven Williams

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