edition 09
Dear friend,
Fall is here! We know we are not alone in our love for this beautiful season. As the desert slowly cools and the days grow shorter, we are gravitating to the cozier things. The colors and scents speak to us, and although we may not have as dramatic of a change in external environment as some other climates, we find even the slight changes in the desert to be magical and joyful. Fall brings so many things we love, including fall wedding florals! Our event calendar is quickly filling up for next year, so if you are getting married in 2024, make sure to schedule a consult!
*photo by @meredithamadeephotography
cozy scents
As the weather starts to finally cool off, our favorite scent profiles shift along with it. Some of our cozy seasonal favorites are Old Pueblo, The Shop, and Flagstaff. 
As a life-long-artist, I have always been drawn to all things beautiful. Watching the afternoon light dance across the floor and walls of my apartment is one of the main highlights of my day, and listening to even a few lines of a lilting melody can transport me from any current concerns into a transcendent state. And although I am often content to just sit back and enjoy, I also love to think about the meaning of beauty.
I think the study of the beautiful plays a huge role in un-tethering us from our little everyday problems and allowing us to step into something bigger. Every culture has an appreciation for that which is beautiful, even if the view of what constitutes beauty may vary. There is something so compelling about a value that transcends all barriers and invites us to be part of a story that is bigger than us.
Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them.
Marcus Aurelius, Meditations
October 7th is our next event, and it is a fall floral workshop! Click the link below to see more information and purchase tickets to this (tomorrow is the last day to sign up!), as well as to view the events for upcoming months.
We have partnered with Visit Tucson, and are hosting monthly events covering a range of topics, all centered on the idea of life rewritten through art. 
We can't wait to create beauty with you!
seasonal florals…
Hello friends and HELLO FALL! One of my favorite seasonal moments is stepping out of summer and feeling the new season arrive with the cool crisp of the morning. As a floral artist, seasons have a huge effect on what’s available. One of my favorite elements are the tones of the leaves, as they begin to let go of their life source, they say goodbye so eloquently with a new shade as they shift to what’s next.
The marvelous mystery of beautiful blooms is that we get to enjoy and anticipate a new bunch time and time again… except they all have a season where they bloom or shine their best.  
I absolutely love this blooming life cycle metaphor.  It teaches how seasons bring out the best or worst in us, and as we become open, aware and available to the shift each season brings, we then have the freedom to grow, let go, and bloom.
Thrilled to step into fall with you! A season to reflect, enjoy, let go, and anticipate the newness to come. Join us for our monthly workshops and ongoing “rewritten” conversations as we gather to grow together.
enjoy the start of this new season!
Until next time,