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Get ready to fall in love with Sawyer and Evie!
Hello, First name / Reader Friend!
It's finally release day! What does that mean? For me, I'll be working on a secret project I get to share more about soon, working at the day job, and also scrolling social media for all the reader reactions to Sawyer and Evie—if you make a post, reel, or TikTok, please tag me because I love to hear what you think!
Sawyer and Evie's story was one of the scariest—and one of my favorites—to write. The darkness that both Evie and Sawyer have to overcome, the chemistry that simmers between them, and the strength that Evie discovers inside herself…well, let's just say they've lived rent free in my head for awhile. And don't forget about Sawyer's cinnamon-roll heroics and I couldn't leave out the rock star vibes.
All that to say, I hope you love reading it as much as I loved writing it!
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“Do you know how incredibly brave you are?”
I shake my head.
“I’m not brave. I was stupid, naive, gullible. Take your pick, but it isn’t brave.” I was a fool, so intent on achieving my dream that I gave up who I was in the process. Gave away parts of myself I can never get back.
He kneels before me and rests his hands on the seat on either side of my legs. He doesn’t touch me, but the warmth of his body drives out the cold that radiates from within me.
“Brave,” he corrects. “So brave.”
The moment stretches from one heartbeat to the next.
I open my mouth, the truth locked in my mind pushing to be released, freedom from the cage of my own making within reach for the first time in forever.
He moves his hands to my legs, and with his thumbs, rubs a soothing pattern along my calves.
“Can I tell you something?” I whisper.
He’s watching me with the most earnest expression I’ve seen from him. “Anything.”
“It won’t change, right?” I couldn’t bear it if it did.
“What won’t change?” He scoots just a little closer.
I clear my throat. “What you think of me.”
“Not possible.”
The genuineness of that statement is written in the lines of his face.
With another deep breath, I open my mouth, ready to confess everything.
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